3 Habits that Could Destroy Your Water Heater

If I am going to ask you to name the habits you are doing what are these? How about the practices you are doing to your water heaters?


Here’s the thing about us, sometimes we tend to overlook the simple gestures and must do’s in our systems. By this negligence of ours, it will lead to a destroyed unit. There are practices we are doing that we are just too confident about it, without even knowing they are factors that can destroy your water heater.


If you name the habits you are doing to your water heater, I bet the following 3 habits are the ones you practice at home.


  1. Setting the regulator at a very high temperature

Water heaters may be designed to store and provide heated water but this doesn’t mean that it can combat a very extreme temperature. If you set your water heater in a very high temperature, like for example at 322K and beyond, then you are shortening the lifespan of your water heater. Continuing this habit of setting it to an extreme temperature may expose your water heater and causes its internal components to expand leading it too weaken and unable to operate properly. Even if the temperature relief valve may be able to discharge water, but the tank can’t take the temperature anymore, your water heater will still suffer in the long run. Always remember that the ideally recommended water temperature for your water heater should not go beyond 322K.


  1. Leaving the anode rod in a corroded state

                             Sometimes, this can also be considered as negligence but we can label it also as a habit. Not being able to do a proper maintenance to your water heater will lead to a cruel and severe malfunction of the unit. Anode rod is one of the essential components of a tank type water heater, and here’s the thing, these metal rods simply attracts rust preventing the other components to corrode. These rods in common, lasts for a few years only but there are other types of rods that last longer due to the different metallic content. There are certain types of rode also that is created for a specific action and designed for different varieties of water heaters. At any rate, you need to check your anode rods in a regular manner to see if it is still feasible for use. If your anode rod is already heavily corroded or shortened means you have to and you need to get a new one. Not later but now, immediately. If you are going to leave it like that, then there are chances that your water heater will disperse rusty water and worse, it will damage the internal parts of the tank.


  1. Keeping and using high water pressure always


I can feel you in terms of having a low water pressure plumbing system is annoying. That is why we tend to increase the water pressure higher but having a high water pressure is dangerous. High water pressure actually can damage the pipes in your plumbing system and in a likely manner of your fixtures especially the water heater. Indeed, it is not recommended to increase the water pressure because there are a lot of damaging risks connected to it. The typical psi of a household is 80 don’t get it too high or lower so that it won’t affect the optimum performance of your plumbing system and fixtures.


Make sure to avoid doing these habits, as the consequences are quite severe. Call a qualified and professional plumber to assist with any plumbing issues or advice.