3 Major Advantages of Cleaning Your Drains Regularly

Perhaps the most common problem in household plumbing is a blocked drain. Majority of blockage problems can be taken care without the aid of a plumbing professionals. It can be inconvenient and time-consuming to clear a blocked drain. Of course, the time you need to spend in clearing the drain will depend on the degree of the blockage. You can prevent the blockages from happening by cleaning the drains a few times a week. It can be difficult to maintain a drain-cleaning regimen because it’s repetitive and boring. However, there are a lot of advantages you can get if you clean your drains regularly. Read more about them below.

  1. Lower the instances of blockages

One of the major and great benefits of regular drain-cleaning is the lowered instances of blockages. You see, cleaning and clearing the drains many times a week can reduce residue build-up. If you only clean the drains once a month then there would be a great amount of grime and dirt already. This kind of habit leads to blocked drains. Some drains like kitchen and toilets are used every day so they tend to get obstructed easily. Pouring boiling hot water and using drain sticks to clear out debris in sink drains is an easy upkeep you can do.

  1. Lessens the risks of expensive repairs

Many homeowners underestimate the complications of what a blocked drain can bring. Drain pipes that are always blocked become less efficient in flushing out wastes. These drain pipes also have a shorter lifespan compared to a drain pipe that rarely has blockages. The organic residue stuck on drain pipes for a long time can corrode the pipeline faster.

  1. Prevent odours in the drain pipe

You may have mistakenly blamed your garbage for the foul odour found in the kitchen. Blocked drains can actually become a source of odour — especially with kitchen sink drains. Food scraps, grease, and oils that are stuck on the drain pipes decompose and produce awful smells. Of course, this can be prevented by doing a regular drain-cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes the odour is coming from a blocked sewer line so you may need to have a professional clean out the sewer line. 

What you should do if drain problems are still occurring despite regular cleaning:

Sewer line inspection

A recurring drain problem that happens despite regular maintenance is a sign that it’s not the drain line that’s causing the issue. Sewer line troubles happen to affect drains as well; after all, these plumbing lines are connected. If you notice your drains are still stinky or blocked despite rigorously cleaning it, then it only means there is a greater problem within the sewer line. A blocked sewer line is one of the many reasons why a drain keeps backing-up. Toilet overflow is also caused by a blocked sewer pipe. It’s most likely that you don’t have the tools to clear out an obstructed sewer pipe. Contact a plumber to inspect the sewer pipe line. There are many causes of a blocked sewage system so they must first check out the sewer pipes.