3 Quick Ways on How to Prevent Mould Growth at Home

Moulds can be very dangerous. By the word itself, it can make a person flinch. Yes, moulds are good, it can help an easier decomposition of the organic matters of nature. Yet, moulds can also be bad, very bad. Especially if it will grow in your home unexpectedly.

Preventing moulds is hard and costly. It spreads easily, grows anywhere and very hard to remove. Moulds also can cause allergies that may compromise your health.

Prevent moulds even if your house doesn’t have it yet. Always be prepared. If it has started growing already, start taking action and start avoiding them.

  1. Clean, disinfect and dry materials and wet Surfaces. Clean, Disinfect and Dry Materials and Wet Surfaces. Have a regular schedule to clean your carpet and house, especially the floors, sinks and your tray drip as moulds love to dawdle and grow in these areas. Use a disinfectant or mould removal products when cleaning. Always dry the materials that were soaked and hang your clothes outside. After using the bathroom and after bathing, make it a habit to wipe the walls, tubs, and the floors. Have a run of exhaust fan in your bathroom also to reduce the moisture. This will only take you a couple of minutes to do it, plus it will prevent the moulds from growing.
  1. Fix immediately the plumbing leaks to prevent moisture buildup and mould growth. When you discover the leaks in your pipelines, do not delay them. Do a quick temporary repair and call a plumber immediately. One thing to consider that you need to take action right away is the pipes might burst, this means that the area can be flooded with water. As a result, it can flood the area and leads to a happy mould growth. To prevent this from happening, have your pipes checked.
  1. Increase the airflow and double check your ventilation from time to time. Humidity can create moisture especially when you live near the coast a large body of water, this could lead to mould growth in your home. That being said, you can avoid this by increasing the airflow of your house by opening your windows. Double the ventilation especially in your kitchen and bathroom. When taking a bath, open the bathroom window for the moisture to evaporate naturally. Have it checked and cleaned from time to time.

It is good to make these routines as your daily habit for a cleaner home. By this, you are starting to prevent mould build up every day. It may be tiring for you, but remember, I’d rather be tired than having a lot of mildews at home.