3 Signs When to Call your Plumber

There is a danger in every emergency situation. These emergencies often give you signs when they are in a bad condition already. You might be wondering why your monthly bill increases. Actually, that’s the first sign that you need to consult a licensed plumber.

Blocked drain and a running toilet. When using a plunger and the water still backs up, your toilet might be blocked or your drain.  When draining the tub or shower takes longer than usual, there could be a blockage somewhere. If these are not taken care of immediately, it may only worsen in time. So never hesitate to call a licensed plumber and have look at these fixtures.

Dripping taps and leaking pipes. Sleeping with a dripping tap can be very annoying. That tick sound it makes and you don’t even know when it will stop is agonizing. There might be a problem with your pipes and a continuous drip means a higher bill. Call a plumber and have them replace your dripping taps. The water entering our home needs pressure to make it through the pipes. When you turn off your taps, the rubber washers forms a tight seal that prevents the water to run. Over time, washers become stiff, torn or dislodged. This now allows the tiny trickle of water through and creating that annoying drip.

A leaking pipe always comes in an outburst and a very costly nuisance. Sometimes, you are not able to notice that your pipe is already leaking. Have it checked regularly and once it’s damaged, have it replaced as soon as possible. However, if it happens out of the blue, you can follow the tips I have shared in my previous blog posts. Remember, always be ready anytime because emergencies happen when you least expect it.

Low water pressure. When the water pressure from your shower is low, have it checked as there might be a blocked pipe or a leak somewhere in any of your pipes at home. If you are experiencing this throughout your home, then there is obviously a blocked, burst or a leaking pipe. Contact a licensed plumber and have them find where the leak or blockage is. 

Be very keen with what’s happening to your plumbing fixtures or appliances and if there’s something unusual going on, make a phone call to your plumber so as not to have the issue escalated.