3 Tips to Stop a Drain Fly Infestation

Drain flies are actually harmless fly species that breeds in drain and sewer pipelines. Even though these insects don’t pose any real threat, they can become annoying. Also, the flies will continue to reproduce and have a population boom.

Many people often mistaken drain flies with fruit flies or otherwise. It’s easy to confuse the two since they’re small and stick to ceilings in groups. You can see the difference if you take a closer check-up between the two. Drain flies look more like moths and have fuzzy fur. Fruit flies resemble house flies and have distinguishable red eyes. If you don’t get rid of these flies you will have these critters flying all over your house.

Use the tips below to stop the drain fly infestation from becoming even worse.

  1. Finding the habitat of the flies

Firstly, you need to know the exact location of the flies. While it’s obvious that you can find them in the drains, you still need to know which drain in your household hosts drain flies. If you see larvae coming out of the drain opening then it’s apparent the flies are from that drain. In case that the larvae isn’t visible you can use any disposable object that can scrape the drains. You may be able to find larvae lurking inside the drains so be sure to use the method mentioned.

Sometimes there aren’t larvae to give evidence since the flies are already mature. Get a transparent tape and stick it onto the drain opening, however, don’t cover the whole drain opening. Doing so will force the flies to find another way out — leaving you with no indication of their presence. Covering ¾ of the drain is enough for the drain flies to fly and stick onto the tape. Don’t remove it after you left it overnight, as there may be differences with the breeding cycle so leave the cover for a few days.

  1. Removing the breeding ground

You need to take out the breeding ground first and worry about the mature flies later. They will just continue reproducing unless you stop its source. There isn’t any special method in eliminating the breeding ground since the flies are making use of the residue and organic matter stuck in your drains. It’s just a matter of comprehensively clearing and cleaning your drains. The objectives of the clean-up are to remove the eggs, larvae, and blockages. Pour hot water into the drain to add moisture and make it easier to plunge and snake. You can either use a metal pipe brush or plumbing snake to remove the blockages and residue in the drain pipe. After that, pour an enzyme drain cleaner or any non-chemical cleaner that can remove organic residue. Wait for a few hours and then pour boiling water again. Use a plunger to remove any excess residue. This may seem exaggerated but you need to do everything you can to ensure the flies don’t have any viable breeding grounds.

  1. Killing the flies

Eliminating the adult flies is easy. You can swat them out of existence with a fly swatter or spray them with insecticides. We would recommend you use the swatter to avoid inhaling or interacting with the chemicals from insecticides.