4 Common Causes of a Dripping Tap

Leaky/dripping taps may not be as destructive as a burst pipe or a toilet overflow, but it’s definitely amongst the most annoying plumbing problems ever. The never-ending dripping sound makes it impossible to sleep during the night. More importantly, you will have higher water utility bills than usual and there’s also a lot of water wasted. Some leaky taps can be fixed easily with a few adjustments to the faucet while others require the services of professional plumbers. You may have many options in fixing a dripping faucet but it would be best if you can just avoid this plumbing problem in the first place. Knowing the different causes of leaky or dripping taps will help you become more aware and knowledgeable in preventing this complication.

  1. Some parts of the tap are old or damaged

This is actually one of the common reasons why leaky taps happen. Certain components of the faucet might have been loosened or just become damaged due to continuous usage. A tap leakage can happen due to one or two parts that became dysfunctional. For example: a steady and constant drip may indicate that the washer of the faucet is damaged and you need to get a new one. Compression faucets can get its seals broken due to constant water pressure.

Remember that each type of tap is different and each one has its own unique set of components that can be potentially damaged. Also, make sure that when you’re replacing some of the parts it should be same one as the original, otherwise leaks will still happen or the tap just stops working. If you’re having a tough time trying to figure out what’s wrong with the parts, then you really need the help of expert plumbers.

  1. The plumbing in your household has problems

Broken pipes in your plumbing system doesn’t just lower the water pressure but it can also cause inconsistent dripping with plumbing fixtures — especially taps. Damaged pipes are rarely the cause of dripping taps but this is one possibility that should be considered. Initially, it’s the parts that you should check and fix if there is a dripping problem. However, if the droplets are still persistent then it’s really worth checking the plumbing system for broken pipelines.

  1. Inconsistent water pressure

First of all, kindly observe if the dripping happens during different times per day or if it has a special “schedule” that the dripping follows. If it does, then there’s a high possibility that the inconsistent water pressure is causing the problem. High water pressure can strongly flow in your plumbing system and leak out to plumbing fixtures like the taps. Try lowering the pressure regulating valve in your household to reduce the water pressure inflowing to your household. Apart from leaks, high water pressure can also strain the pipes and cause a lot of irreversible damage to the plumbing system.

  1. Installation isn’t correct

Sometimes homeowners use a DIY approach when installing faucets which can often cause a dripping faucet. If you’re not familiar with tap installations just let a plumber handle it.