4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Repairing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can happen to almost all homeowners any time, any day. Dreaded blocked drain can even take you hours or even days to fix depending on the type of issue. This makes you frustrated, leading you to make mistakes as to the proper way of handling this plumbing problem. Four of the mistakes you might have done as well are as follows.

The Attempt to Dismantle the Pipe

Consider the significant number of years plumbers spend in training on how to dis-assemble and reassemble piping system for maximum safety, and those homeowners without knowledge of qualifications in plumbing can rarely finish the whole project efficiently and effectively. Never remove any plumbing elements when you are working with a blocked drain. If you think your system need to be taken apart, it would be best to carry out the job with the experts.

Quick Transfer of Snake Down the Pipe

Many homeowners these days seem frustrated seeing blockage in their drains and will attempt to immediately work with the snake down the drain. This approach may actually make things worse and just give you more issues related to your plumbing system. It is imperative for you to slowly work on the snake down your drain and be mindful of the ways on how pipes turn whenever the snake moves downwards. Placing the snake down your system a number of times would be necessary to fix the problem of thick clogs. It would be your best option to contact experts to resolve the problem. Professional plumbers typically have snakes with cameras, which they may use in visualizing the clogs and in removing them from your drain.

Excessive Use of the Recommended Drain Cleaner Amount

Overuse of products and supplies for drain cleaning serves as one among the causes of damage in your drains. These chemical-based products also contain hazardous contaminants that may cause structural destruction to your drain and the pipes underneath, although they can be very beneficial in breaking down lodged organic waste within the drain. You have to follow the instructions set by the manufacturer when you are using these products. If you are having difficulty in dealing with your blocked piping system even after using these products, always ask help or assistance from a local plumbing professional.

DIY Fixing With a Coat Hanger

Research and learn some easy and cost-effective tricks on how to bend a coat hanger and use it like you are using an auger in clearing out the clog. Using hanger is actually of high risk due to its vulnerability to get stuck down your drain and further the damage more than their original state. This project requires professional tools to complete everything.

Remember, your drain system at home serves as vital pathway out from your home into the plumbing network in your locality. Treat the local area with utmost care whenever you are fixing any clogs. Contact a reliable plumber near you if your problem is already unbearable and beyond your ability and knowledge.