4 Costly Mistakes you should avoid when Cleaning Drains in your House

blocked drain v1It’s imperative to do a cleaning maintenance in your house; especially your plumbing system. The drains in your home need regular cleaning since blockages easily accumulate on the pipe linings. Without a proper form of maintenance; these drains will eventually get obstructed and you will probably need help from a professional plumber to fix the problem.  There are many drain cleaning habits that you can learn, however some of these are counter intuitive and cause more problems than actually keeping your drains clean.  Here are some errors that you should avoid when cleaning drains in your house.

  1. Always using abrasive chemical products

A lot of people often think that just pouring some chemicals into the drains is enough. These products might be effective in cleaning and clearing out minor blockages but the long term effects of using such abrasive products is harmful.  Some homeowners don’t realise that these chemicals actually deteriorate the quality of the pipe lining of your drains.  If you have been using caustic chemicals in cleaning your drains regularly then your pipes might be heavily corroded by now. Another important fact you need to know is that these abrasive drain cleaners are ineffective against hard solid blockages that are made up of food, paper, hair, etc. If you’re plunging your drains; be careful if you have been pouring chemicals in the drain lining since the chemicals might be bursts and come in direct contact with you, causing possible skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

  1. Using a broom handle, coat hangers, kitchen knife, etc.

It might seem smart and innovative to use everyday products into makeshift plungers or drain snakes but this is actually not a smart idea. These items can scratch the surface of the drain linings of your pipes and is basically an inferior method used in unblocking or cleaning your drains.  You’re better off using small drain sticks that have interlocking hooks.

  1. Using water pressure from a garden hose

This method is simple: just turn the garden hose on and direct the water pressure into the drains. It may seem like a great way to remove some obstruction but it’s far from being a fruitful way to clean the drains. The idea of using a garden hose stems from using a common plumbing tool called hydro or aqua jets. The key difference between hydro jets and a garden hose is that the garden hose doesn’t have enough water pressure to actually remove sticky and solid blockages.  You’ll be wasting water and making a big mess in your bathroom if you’re going to use a garden hose for cleaning.

  1. Not letting a plumbing expert handle the work if needed

If you have already done everything you could do unblock and clean the drains but have yielded little to zero results then it’s best to just give up and call in a professional.  There are some homeowners who don’t want to ask for help even though it’s clear they need help from a plumber. Continuing to fix a problem that’s clearly difficult for the average homeowner to deal with may lead to more damage to your drains and to yourself.