4 Culprits of Blocked Shower Drains

shower drain blockedShowering is definitely one of the simplest ways to start a brand new day. Hot showers prime your muscles and let the blood flow freely while cold showers cater the vain side of the spectrum since it is beneficial to your hair and skin.

However, there are times when some homeowners get their day ruined since they are blasted by sneaky shower drain issues. After all, an unsightly pool of dirty water in your shower room would surely be disheartening and appalling, right?

In order to thwart off getting riled up so early in the morning, read on to know the primary culprits of shower drain blockage. Get to know them so that you can freely start the course of your day with a relaxing shower.

  1. Hair

You may lose several strands of hair every time you take your bath. They are sent down your drain, increasing the chances of drain blockage. Sure, stainless strainers significantly gather the fallen clumps of hair, however there maybe some strands that will manage to get through. These strands will coil and tangle in your pipe interior and may interfere with your drain mechanisms. Soon, the hair accumulation will restrict the flow capacity of your shower drains, causing drain blockages. To avoid this disaster, habitually clear your shower drains from fallen hair and other debris. You may use some basic plumbing tools to make your task easier.

  1. Scum from Hygiene Products

Soap and shampoo scum may not essentially cause complete blockage, however they may diminish the pipe diameter since their residues congeal in your pipe’s interior. As the residual build-up continues to expand, water drains slowly. Soon, it will pool all over your bathroom. Additionally, soap and shampoo scum makes your pipe interior rough. Anything that passes through the pipe may attach itself to the course areas, increasing the odds of blocked shower drains.

  1. Hard Water

There are certain areas where the water supply consists of high levels of sediments and minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals may thicken and solidify in your pipe walls that will escalate to a serious blockage over time. This lime scale will continuously increase from time to time which will impede the drainage of water from your shower rooms.

Hard water does not only present a challenge involving lime scale. It also makes your clothes dull, causes your hair to become brittle, and may block your plumbing fixtures as well. To alleviate this kind of problem, you will have to install water softeners. Ask your trusted licensed plumbers to help you with this.

  1. Chemicals

Don’t you know that your chemical-based cleaners can be double-edged substances? They actually present caustic effects on your pipe linings and may actually be detrimental instead of helpful. The harsh and corrosive properties of these substances will eventually weaken your pipes, causing leaks and fissures. Soon, your buried sewer pipes may get severely blocked and inoperative. If not addressed immediately, the damage will extend to your plumbing system, compromising your entire household relentlessly.