4 Easy Steps in Clearing a Blocked Toilet Without Using a Plunger

unclog toilet with diswashing

We always associate a blocked toilet with a plunger. Every single time we encounter this problem, it is always, if not, most of the times the first plumbing tool that comes into our mind. We already know the wonders this tool can do to save us from our drain and toilet troubles but what if during an emergency, this wonder tool suddenly fails to do its job? or perhaps you misplaced it somewhere and couldn’t find it?

Now, what would you do? How would you clear that blocked toilet without your plunger?
It’s a good thing that there is an alternative solution to your problem. Using a plunger may be the only method you know in clearing a blocked toilet but there is another way that is as equally effective. Wanna know what it is? Read on to find out.

If you’re plunger fails to save your day, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because you can get rid of that blocked toilet using only hot water and shampoo. Yes, a few household items are what you need to perform the task which can be done in 20 minutes or less.

You must remember that this will only work with a toilet that is not overflowing since you will be adding liquid to the bowl. If your bowl is already overflowing, the first thing you should do is remove some water out of it and follow the steps below to finally clear that blocked toilet once and for all.

1) Prepare the things you need

We all know that dealing with toilets can be quite disgusting, so before going into the business of unblocking your toilet, you should prepare all the things you need to avoid more hassle. The things you will need are shampoo or dishwashing liquid, hot water, and a pair of rubber gloves for protection. Remove mats under the toilet and place newspapers to avoid mess in case water from the toilet spills out. In preparing the hot water, you should heat a gallon of water on a pot and place it on medium heat, don’t let it reach the boiling point.

2) Pour shampoo or dishwashing liquid into the bowl

While waiting for the water to heat, pour a generous amount of shampoo or dishwashing soap into the bowl. A half cup is enough. Leave it there for 10 minutes. The shampoo or soap will serve as a lubricant which breaks up the blockage.

3) Pour hot water

Add a gallon of hot water. Pour it steadily into the toilet. Make sure to pour in hot water and not boiling water. Boiling water might cause damage to your toilet resulting to a bigger problem.If you accidentally left the water to boil, let it cool for 10 minutes before pouring it. Hot water helps to push the blockage down the drain.

4) Repeat the process as necessary

If after the first try, your toilet still continues to drain slowly and is still not cleared, repeat the steps to remove the remaining blockages until the water flows freely. You can also use a wire coat hanger to push the obstructions down the pipe. Unravel it and push one end of the wire into the blocked area.