4 Indications You Need to get Professional Help for Your Drain Problems

549802d3722f25c643024348_fort-lauderdale-clogged-toilet-300x200Drain problems can plague any home but they’re usually manageable. More importantly, majority of drain issues can be solved by homeowners by themselves. Plus, they don’t have to use any complex plumbing tools in getting rid of blocked drains (common problem with drain lines). However, there are special instances in which the problems are too much for the homeowner to handle. In these cases, a professional plumber is needed to fix the problem. The list below discusses the indications in which you need to get professional services for your drain-cleaning issues.

  1. Overflowing toilet

Some people often forget that the toilet is also considered a drain. Toilets can have issues like blockages or leaks, but these are workable. Overflowing toilets on the other hand are more difficult and can be alarming. You need to call emergency services to fix your overflowing toilet. While waiting for emergency services, try to lower the overflow coming out of the toilet. Also, if you noticed that the water keeps rising after you flushed it once don’t flush it again. This will only cause the problems to get worse and cause overflow.

  1. Backflow or drain bubbling

Water bubbles that are coming out of the drains in your bathtub, sink, or shower, are one of the indicators of a backflow. A backflow happens when the drain line is heavily blocked and causes water and air to go out of the drains. There are also instances in which air and water disperses to another drain area. For example: while flushing your toilet, you may notice the shower drain to disperse water. This example shows that the drain is blocked and the water is looking for another way to go out through other drain hole.

  1. Drains that are completely blocked

Blocked drains are a common occurrence. It’s one of the most prevalent plumbing issues in any household. A great number of blocked drain problems can be solved with the use of plumbing tools such as plunger and drain snakes. Sometimes a homemade natural drain-clearing solution can remove minor blockage in the drains. However, there are situations in which the drain becomes completely blocked and thus water and wastes are unable to move through the drain pipes. If you noticed that the drain remains blocked even though you tried using all the plunging tools then this indicates you need help from a plumbing for expert drain-cleaning solutions.

  1. Weak water flow

Just like blocked drains, a weak-flowing drain doesn’t necessarily have to be handled by a professional. Slow-flowing drains can be remedied easily by removing wastes and other obstructions that are stuck in the drain line. There are cases in which the drains still have a weak flow despite being cleaned. This could only mean there are other hidden problems with your drain line. Hiring an expert plumber will help determine the underlying issue faster.