4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Cleaning Your Drains with Chemicals

Some homeowners like to use conventional chemical cleaners not only in cleaning drains in their household but also for clearing blockages. While this method of maintaining drains and drain pipes is very convenient and fast. It also poses some serious threats not only to the plumbing fixtures — but also especially to your health. Be aware of the dangers in using chemical drain-cleaning solutions.

Read more to discover the reasons why you must stop applying these caustic products.

  1. Inhalation of fumes and vapours of the chemicals can trigger asthma or worsen respiratory illnesses

011_blogspot_4-reasons-must-stop-cleaning-drains-chemicals-01Those who have asthma or respiratory maladies can suffer a lot from breathing chemical smells from conventional drain solutions. It can trigger conditions and other complications — especially if these people are inhaling these chemicals for long periods of time. You’re still not safe if you don’t have any respiratory conditions since frequent and long exposure can cause ill effects to your lungs and overall respiratory system. Even with proper ventilation you will still be able to inhale the vapours after opening the container. You might as well just skip using these products and go with more natural and safe alternatives.


  1. Direct contact to your body is very harmful

011_blogspot_4-reasons-must-stop-cleaning-drains-chemicals-03 You need to be extremely careful when using these caustic solutions since direct contact to your body can result in a trip to the hospital. It’s important that you need to fully cover your entire body: from the head to toe. This might seem too excessive for safety precautions, but you must do it; or else you’ll suffer a lot from a simple mishap. When dealing with chemical cleaners, there is always a risk of splashing the solution. Even if you’re really careful, there is still a great chance that the chemicals will spill and splash. You need to wear sturdy and dependable eye goggles since you may get blind if the chemicals hit your eyes. Chemical burns can also happen to your skin so you also need to wear protective cover for that area. Of course you can just avoid all the hassle and danger by not using any chemical cleaners.


  1. Damage to the pipes in your plumbing system

011_blogspot_4-reasons-must-stop-cleaning-drains-chemicals-02Chemical solutions are indeed effective in eliminating minor blockages, as well as cleaning the drain line. However, you’re actually doing more harm than good if you consistently pour these solutions down your drains almost all the time. You see the ingredients in these products are very corrosive and acidic which means it can damage the pipe lining. Although there are pipes that have high resistance to corrosion the acidic properties of the solution will still be able to affect the sturdiness of the pipe as well as its lifespan.


  1. Alternatives to using chemical solutions

011_blogspot_4-reasons-must-stop-cleaning-drains-chemicals-04As mentioned above; dependency on these types of products is harmful. You can use other methods, which are safer. For example: using basic plumbing tools like plungers and drain snakes is more recommended than chemical solutions. Natural enzyme cleaners are also great alternatives from commercial drain-cleaning products.