4 Warning Signs That Tell You Your Water Heater is Past Its Prime

hot-water rhainaiJust like all your other home appliances, water heaters will soon degrade and lose their optimum working qualities. When they exceed their service limit or if they acquired too much damage, you will have to replace them.

Some homeowners may tend to be dismissive on the conditions of their water heaters. They may opt for frequent repairs even though these will unlikely give them permanent solutions to their dysfunctional heaters. Read on to know more about the warning signs that tell you to it’s time to get a brand new water heater.

If Your Water Heater Exceeded Its Service Limit 

            A general guideline in household maintenance is to check the age of your appliances. Obviously, your water heaters are not exempted from this rule of thumb. The best way to deter water-heating issues is to replace your appliance by the time it reaches its service lifespan. There are various types of water heaters and their service lifespan will vary depending on its type. A conventional storage water heater may last from 10-12 years while some tankless models can last up to two decades. Try to check out the manufacturing date indicated on its label and confirm whether your appliance is past its prime. Make sure to replace it if that’s the case.

Needs Frequent Repairs 

If your water heater needs frequent repairs in just a single year then it must be time to allot your budget to its replacement. The repairs will just be useless since your device must be on the brink of inoperativeness. Moreover, your device that has drastically degraded may be prone to overheating issues and risks of explosion. Instead of cutting corners by opting repairs, you might just have compromised your safety. Just use your money to buy a latest unit that is more durable and energy-efficient.

Leaks and Outflows

If you observe some water puddles forming around your water-heating device, this is surely a definite sign that you have to replace your water heater. Your storage tank may have leaks or the T&P valve and other fittings are worn out.

Consult a water heater specialist or a professional plumber to help you inspect your water heating system. There are cases where the minor leaks can still be repaired, and your device’s lifespan can still be prolonged. However, if their assessments confirm that the damage is irreparable, then you really need to buy a new device. 

Rusty Water is Discharged 

If there is rusty or coloured water discharged from your device, do not immediately assume that you have to buy a new water heater. The underlying reason for this might be a deteriorated anode rod that needs replacement. It could also be that the pipes are the ones causing the problem, not your device.

Corrosion is not only the archenemy of your plumbing fixtures, it also affects your water heater especially the storage-tank types due to its metallic components. If your heater’s internal parts are severely corroded, it may be impossible to restore the optimum condition of your heater. You will have to replace it with a new one.