4 Ways to Getting Rid of Pesky Tree Roots

trees Tree_roots_cross_sectionTree roots are said to be the root of all evil (pun intended) when it comes to sewer pipe problems. Although a small tree root could not cause damage on the lines instantly, it can come to that point later on. As the roots grow in size, the more the pipes get ruined. Luckily, there are 4 ways you can prevent pesky tree roots from attacking your household and sewer system.

  1. Take care of tree root problems through hydro jetting.

If you have this piece of machinery at home and you have sufficient knowledge on how to operate it, then you can do this on your own. But if on the contrary, then you will need a plumber that knows the ins and outs of hydro jetting a sewer pipe. This should be done with utmost care, as the pipes may be fragile due to the pressure the roots have put on them. A hydro jet can burst through heavy blockage such as tree roots as it releases a powerful burst of water, forcing the water through the blockage.

  1. Prevent roots from growing with copper sulphate.

Copper sulphate is a chemical composition found in tree root killers. It is very effective in preventing roots from growing back as this chemical has very harsh effects. But everything we do always comes with a downside. Excessive use of this chemical can corrode your sewer pipes. However, using this is just temporary solution because it can’t kill the main source of the roots which is the tree growing near your pipes.

  1. Physically remove the offending tree.

Physically removing the tree in question will be a permanent solution to your tree root dilemma. Roots will always grow back and thread their way through to find a steady water supply. Unless you uproot the whole tree, you won’t be able to overcome the situation. Hire someone who can uproot the tree from where it is located, including the tree stump. After the offending tree has been removed, make sure that the affected lines get cleaned up too.

  1. Cut down the trees by using cutting machines.

Mechanical augers are good in cutting down trees. These machines have rotating blades that are safe for clearing the roots off from the pipes. However, this is also not a permanent solution because the mechanical augers can only trim down the offending roots. Even though trees are living things, they are unlike other living things that die when cut or trimmed down. Their roots will still grow after all the torture of being cut into pieces it has been through.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways of getting rid of tree roots that you deem is feasible for your home’s location and of course, your budget. Take note though that not all of them are permanent solutions.