The 5 Benefits of having a tankless Water Heater

water heatersThere are many water heaters that have been developed and effectively integrated in houses over the years. As expected; some of these water heaters are more popular than the others due to practicality and efficiency. Tankless water heaters are the most prominent water heating systems that are available. There are many benefits in using this type of water heater; you can read more about its advantages below:

  1. On-demand water technology

Standard water heaters always have the issue of consuming a lot of energy; whether it’s electric-powered, gas-fuelled, or powered by natural gas. These types of water heating systems need to use a lot of energy since it needs to use up energy all the time to keep up with generating hot water. Take note that the standard water heaters consume energy and heat water 24 hours a day; even if you’re not using any hot water at all. Not only is it impractical but also expensive as you have to spend more money in using energy. Tankless water heaters use on-demand technology which means it will only use energy if you use a plumbing fixture that uses hot water. This type of advancement makes tankless water heating systems very energy-efficient and much more practical.

  1. Can last at a maximum of 20 years

Standard water heaters usually last around 10-12 years which is good enough, but tankless water heaters on the other hand are much longer with an estimated lifespan of usually 20 years.  The longevity of the tankless water heating systems make it great for those who want to have a water heater that can be effective in the long term.

  1. Reliable flow of hot water

It’s not true that you can just use any type of tankless water heater for your home since there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. In order for a tankless system to produce enough hot water for your home then it must be at the right fitting to the plumbing system of your house. Furthermore, its capacity must be big enough for the number of people living in your home. Rest assured a tankless water heater that’s properly fitted and has the right capacity will always consistently produce hot water for everyone in your house.

  1. It saves space

Standard water heater types and even some modern classifications of heating systems take too much space because of their large storage tank. These tanks are so large that a homeowner actually needs to have a dedicated room for their water heating system. Tankless systems certainly don’t have any tanks (obviously) and they can be easily mounted in the wall and attached to the plumbing system.

  1. Less maintenance is needed

Tank type water heaters really need a lot of maintenance simply because there can be a lot of problems that arise from a storage tank such as rusting, ruptures, leaks, and so many more.  Tankless water heaters don’t require too much maintenance because it obviously doesn’t have any form of tank storage whatsoever.