5 Effortless Ways on How to Repair PVC Pipe

The pipes in your house are very important especially when it is a water pipe. These pipes should be maintained because if not, you will have a big water interruption and an extravagant rise of the water bill. You can’t prevent this natural phenomenon except if ruined intently. One of the reasons of a leaking pipe is the too much exposure to heat or cold. Exposed pipes are more likely to damage.

How would you know if your pipes are in good condition? Well, their basic maintenance is what you need to prevent it. If you have small leaks, here are some guidelines on how to repair PVC pipes on your own.

  1. Locate the crack or leak

   You can locate the damaged pipe easily, especially when the water is turned on. The water flows thoroughly on the pipes so you need to check from the valve down to your faucet pipes. If you already see the damage, mark it before you turn off the water. Calculate the damage if it needs serious repair. When there is a crack, it’s a different story, you need a new pipe to replace it.

  1. Turn off the valve

   When you turn off the valve, you allow the water to stop flowing and now you can start fixing it. With the water still flowing and the leaking pipes are still showering, you cannot easily fix it because the pipes are still wet and the sealant won’t stick.

  1. Dry the pipes

   Wipe and make sure that the damaged area is dry. Having it dry can make your work easier. The sealants will permanently stick if the pipe wall is dry. Use a cloth or rag to wipe it.

  1. Apply sealant

   Once it’s completely dry, apply sealant. You can use epoxy or any sealant you can buy specially designed for PVC pipes. After you completely mix it, apply a thick layer of sealant to the damage pipes. You can have it wrapped around the pipe for better security. Wait until it gets dry.

  1. Turn on the valve

   After the sealant is dried up, you can now turn on the valve and check for any other leaks. In case the pipe you repaired is still dripping, we highly suggest that you ask for a help from professionals.