5 Reasons Why PVC Is A Great Sewer Pipe Material

PVC pipes are popularly applied in modern sewer lining. It’s one of the many classifications of plastic pipe materials. Some homeowners don’t know there are different types of plastic materials used for different pipes. PEX is commonly used for water line fittings while PVC and ABS are applied for sewer connections, although PVC is more preferred.  PVC holds a lot of advantages as a material for a sewer pipe. It rivals most pipe materials which is why it’s applied in most modern sewer line fittings.

Read more below to learn of its specific advantages as a sewer pipe material:

  1. It is not prone to deterioration

Corrosion has always been an issue with pipes — especially in the past.  Metallic pipes such as galvanised steel and cast iron were used a lot back in the days because of their durability. The problem with using these metal materials is the fast corrosion. Metallic materials are strong and sturdy but its lifespan can be shortened by its vulnerability to corrosion and rusting. PVC pipes are amongst the few pipe materials that are able to resist corrosion. What makes it even better is that you won’t have to worry about rusting since it’s not composed of metal.

  1. Able to withstand chemical exposure for a very long time

A lot of homeowners drain down chemicals into the sewer line. Chemical drain cleaners and acids poured into the drains can be kind of a common occurrence in some households. Also, the wastes that are inside the sewer line can interact with other wastes or just decompose and create acidic compounds. PVC is known to be a chemical-resistant type of pipe. It’s able to resist chemicals like acids, alkalis, alcohol, fluorides, and many more.

  1. Can be installed easy and in a fast manner

Vitrified clay pipes and metallic pipe materials are difficult to install due to their heavy size. Not only is that, cutting these materials a hard task. PVC is a lightweight material so installing it is no trouble at all. It can also be cut easily which lessens the time needed for preparation. Field tests show that a PVC pipe installation can be 30% faster than a concrete pipe installation.

  1. PVC is actually more affordable than most pipes

It’s actually surprising that PVC is such an affordable material even though it has plenty of benefits. Production of PVC is actually not that expensive since the raw material is lightweight. In addition, the pipe material isn’t just low-cost but also provides easy installation. Transporting the pipe also poses no issues since it’s not heavy compared to most pipe materials like vitrified clay and a few metallic pipes.

  1. PVC can last over 50 years

The lifespan of PVC is estimated to be 50-100 years. There have been performance tests that show PVC can be used for 50 years or even more.  PVC pipes are able to last for many decades due to its resistant to common pipe material problems like corrosion, rusting, and even root attacks.