5 Things To Do During Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is something that homeowners should expect even if there’s no incident of flooding before. It occurs in most in times like during a rainy season, when the snow melts after spring or even dry season. This kind of trouble needs much of your attention and the following are our suggestions on what to do during basement flooding.

  1. Shut down everything. Before stepping into the flooded area, make sure that you shut down all the power circuits around the area including your gas and electricity to avoid electrocution.
  2. Wear protective gears and watch your steps. Once flooding has started, the floor will start to be slippery and you might meet other hazardous areas. Hence, we highly suggest that you wear boots, gloves and protective masks before you enter your flooded basement. It is also advisable that you bring a flashlight.
  3. Locate the source and know the cause. There are a lot of reasons why you’re experiencing a flood in your basement. Some causes of this could be burst pipe, rainfall or storm. If burst pipes are the cause, make sure to turn off the main valve. You, as a homeowner should know where are your main valve is located for your
    convenience in times of emergency. Take action as soon as you notice flood to prevent it from forming to higher water level.
  4. Call out your insurance. Report the property damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. They might ask you to write a letter describing what happened with supporting documents like photos. Be prepared and take photos of the incident and comply with the requirements needed for your insurance claim.
  1. Go Clean the Area. Discard all the things around the basement as soon as possible to prevent from mold build up. Organise and list everything that you had to pull out. A flooded basement should be clean right away, this is for the safety of everyone.

While cleaning the affected area take extra care with every move you make. If you notice any electrical shock locate the area as soon as possible. Hiring a professional to clean the flooded area is always a good idea as they are
familiar in cleaning the contaminated basement.