How to Avoid Freezing Pipe Problems

For those living in cold locations, you already know the struggles the chilling climate can bring. The harsh and freezing weather causes some inconveniences like traffics caused by heavy snow build-up, falling icicles and snow, etc. Among the most prevalent household problems during the winter is frozen pipes. This can actually become a more serious complication if the frozen pipe bursts and leaks water all throughout your house. Follow the tips below to avoid having your pipes frozen during cold season.

Pipe insulation is the way to go

Insulating pipes is a pretty common solution to prevent pipes from freezing. There are a plenty of applications that you can use for installation. A popular way to insulate pipes is by covering it with insulation blankets. These blankets trap the heat and also keep the water inside these pipelines warm. Another insulation method is by adding heating tapes. You do need to be more careful with heating tapes since it needs electricity and needs to be plugged in constantly. Always refer to the manual for safety instructions. Fibreglass sleeves or rubber foams are also great insulation tools. When it comes to which pipes you need to insulate the most; always go for the pipes that are always exposed to cold air like pipes in the garage, basement, etc.

Keep those cabinet doors open

For pipes that are located under sinks or behind cabinet areas; be sure to open the cabinets to let the warm air inside and give these pipes a bit of insulation. This method of keeping pipes can be more effective if you increase the temperature in the house. Don’t worry about your electricity bills since your top priority during this season is preventing your pipes from being frozen.

Let the taps drip water

Everybody knows that closing your taps tightly is an absolute necessity to prevent losing water. However, when it comes to preventing freezing pipes; you need to loosen the taps a bit to let water flow. This method might seem like it’s contrary to standard water-saving tips but letting the water drip is actually one of the effective means in frozen pipe prevention. The reason why this works is because it keeps the water moving in the pipelines. Water that just sits on the pipeline can actually cause the pipes to become more prone to freezing. Stagnant water freezes faster than moving water. Again, you need to do a little bit of sacrifice with your water utility bills. Of course, if you don’t like using this one then you can just use the other methods in this article.

Completely close the main water valve if you’ll be away for a long time

If you plan on moving away during the cold season, you should close the main water valve just in case. By cutting off the water supply, you lower the volume of water in case a pipe leak happens. Also, make sure to open all the taps in your household to disperse the remaining water in the pipes.