How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies When You’re On Holidays

plumbing-emergency1Your home should be secured even before you leave for your holiday. You must ensure there won’t be problems with your household — especially the plumbing system. The last thing you want to happen while you’re away is a plumbing emergency. Your house will suffer a lot of damage from a plumbing emergency that’s left unfixed. Safeguard your home from plumbing emergencies before going out-of-town with the tips below.

Shut Down The Main Valve Of Your Water Supply

There might be some complications with your plumbing system while you’re away; a pipe bursts or major pipe leak might happen — causing severe water damage. The damage can be minimised if you’re able to turn off the main valve of the water supply. Less water will come out of the leaks or bursts if there is no continuous water inflow from the main valve. It’s also recommended to drain out the water from your plumbing appliances. This will help ensure that there is little to no water that is inside the pipes and fixtures.

Make Sure The Sump Pump Is Working 

The sump pump is a plumbing device that absorbs water in the basement and disperses it outside your house. If you don’t have a sump pump or have one but isn’t functioning, then your basement is prone to flooding. Check the sump pump if it’s still operating well before you leave for your holiday. You can find a lot of articles in the web that shows you how to check your sump pump.

Remember that a sump pump needs electricity to function so if the power is out then it’s pretty much useless. Install a battery backup in case there is a power outage. Another alternative is to set-up a generator for your sump pump to work in case there is no electricity. It’s very important to have the device working during the rainy season.

Insulate The Pipes 

Frozen pipes are one of the primary causes of pipe bursting. Insulate the pipes with an insulation blanket or foam. This will help in keeping the pipes warm and prevent freezing.

Get Your Water Heater Checked

A water heater is an intricate plumbing device that needs a lot of maintenance. It’s optimal if you hire a plumber to inspect your water heater if it has any complications. You may be able to visually inspect the water heater on your own but you might miss something.

Nothing can beat expert eyes so it’s better to have a professional check the appliance. This will help ensure that there won’t be problems that are overlooked. You must also turn off your water heater to avoid it from needlessly consuming energy.

Have Someone Check Your House While You’re Away 

No preventive maintenance can replace an actual human being who can check your house. Have a family member or a trusted neighbour to check your house once in a while. It would be much better if you actually have someone to stay in your house during your absence. They should also know the number of the plumber near your area in case a plumbing emergency occurs.