4 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Free From Moulds

bathroom-cleaningBathrooms are very vulnerable to mould growth since this area always has moisture. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or just want to do regular maintenance you must realise that moulds and mildew are a real problem.  Many homeowners fail to recognise the threat of moulds. Not only do these fungi make the bathroom look dirty they can also release spores which can tarnish your health.  It’s also dangerous if the room has wood structures since mould and mildew can damage it. Learn how to combat these fungi with the help of the pointers provided in this blog.

  1. Use bath mats that are mould-resistant

Bath mats are a favourite spot for mould growth since it harbours a lot of moisture — especially if it hasn’t been dried for a long time. Drying the mats regularly should do the trick but if you like something less laborious than you might want to consider purchasing a mould-resistant bath mat. These mould-resistant mats need less drying and cleaning compared to a typical bath mat. Also, these mats are usually made from natural fibre, solid teaks, or any kind of mould-resistant fibre or wood.  Just don’t forget to clean the mats occasionally.

  1. Invest in applying mould-resistant materials for your bathroom

Planning on refurbishing your bathroom? If so, then you should consider using materials that are very resistant to moulds. Bathroom walls are a usual target for moulds, but there is one simple method in keeping them away. Painting with a mould-resistant paint lessens or even completely stops the growth of fungi in the bathroom. There are high quality mould-resistant paints that can blend well together with a bathroom’s design.

  1. Follow a cleaning routine

Moulds will definitely grow in the bathroom no matter how hard you try cleaning the bathroom. However, you can reduce their potential growth by doing a regular upkeep. Some areas of the bathroom like the tile grout can be the perfect area for mould growth. Water can stagnate on the grout line and produce a lot of moisture. Of course this isn’t completely avoidable since the tile surface will get wet due to bathroom usage.

A routine maintenance is very much needed if you want to keep moulds away from your bathroom. It’s even more important to have regular upkeep for those who have poor ventilation in their bathroom. Speaking of ventilation…

  1. Have proper ventilation and make use of natural lighting

One of the best ways you can stop moulds from growing in the first place is by keeping the bathroom dry and well lit. This is due to the fact that moulds aren’t able to survive in lit and dry surfaces.

Adding an exhaust fan reduces the moisture content in the bathroom. You need to have a top notch exhaust fan to effectively expel moisture. Some high quality exhaust fans have minimal noise so it’s really a good idea to invest in them. Also, opening the windows and letting natural light in can also keep the room dry.