5 Useful Tips for Budget Bathroom Renovation


A bathroom renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be grandiose or extremely expensive. There’s always a common notion that you need to spend a fortune to remodel a bathroom; which is completely false. You can save a lot of money with the help of these budget tips for your bathroom renovation in this article.

  1. Have the walls and ceilings painted

Having an expensive renovation can be avoided by simply repainting the walls and ceilings. If you want to paint on your own then you need to be careful and skilful since you don’t want to mess up and produce a sleazy paint job. You shouldn’t just use any type of paint if you want to make the most out of your budget. Although you’re trying to save money; it’s not a good idea to choose a cheap paint since this will cause a lot of issues in the long run. Always go for top notch paint — specifically those with satin finish. If you have constant moisture and mould problems then we would recommended to purchase paints that are specifically formulated to combat and withstand mould production.

  1. Clean the grout and caulk

Grout and caulk are sealants used on your bathroom to fill in gaps and joints that otherwise would accumulate water. These spots can accumulate dirt and grime and ruin the aesthetic appeal. You’ll be surprised how your bathroom can become more clean and renewed if you do an extensive clean to the grout and caulk. You should also add grout and caulk on some wide gaps on the tiles of your bathroom.

  1. Purchase affordable yet functional and aesthetically appealing fixtures

Your fixtures may be too old and you just want to get a new one. Some of you may not want to change bathroom fixtures due to the fear of spending money. However, you need to do it if your fixtures are totally out-dated. Don’t worry about the expenses since you can definitely find modern bathroom fixtures that are practical yet low-cost. Not only will the new fixtures look better but also make the bathroom more functional and convenient to use.

  1. Purchase water-saving upgrades in your bathroom

A popular choice for many homeowners with plumbing fixtures is those with low-flow features. For those who are not familiar with low-flow appliances; these fixtures are effective in water usage and more efficient when releasing water. You’ll have your monthly water bills lowered since the fixture consumes less water. Shower heads and toilets have low-flow units which you should look at. There are many low-flow fixtures that aren’t costly and still have impressive quality. Although it does require a bit of time to find one.

  1. Look for used items

This will depend if you want to further lessen your expenses in installing fixtures. Many websites feature used items like tubs, sinks, mirrors, and even doors for your bathroom. There is a risk of receiving substandard items, so you need to be careful when purchasing used fixtures. If you want to be completely safe with your purchase then just go with a brand new unit.