5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Suitable for Seniors

seniorYou must really consider modifying your bathroom to be elder-friendly if you have seniors in your household. The adjustments aren’t focused on turning the room into an aesthetic masterpiece but to make it safer for the elders living in the house. Don’t know how to start or how to do it? Then you should definitely read more since we’re going to discuss the different ways to make your bathroom senior-friendly.

  1. Set-up a grab bar

Falling on the bathroom is very common and many die from this every year. In fact, it’s not just the elderly who can fall but anyone in your home. Of course, some seniors are more prone to falling due to balance problems and other sensory complications. When someone falls, their first instinct is to hold on to something. However, a shower curtain or even a soap dish — which are common in the bathroom — can’t support human weight.

One of the simplest yet best solutions for falling in the bathroom is to place a grab bar. Installing a sturdy grab bar will allow anyone (not just the seniors) to have something dependable to hold onto in case they fall. A plumber will be able to install one for you and also help you pick the best spot to place the grab bar.

  1. Use non-slip bath mats

Another easy way to avoid the risk of slipping in the bathroom is to use a non-slip bath mat. Avoid using regular and fancy mats since they’re not specifically designed to be non-slippery. Also, try to find a non-slip bath mat that’s mould resistant to avoid mould growths in the bathroom.

  1. Increase the height of your toilet

For some seniors who don’t have the same body strength as they used to they will have difficult time standing up from the toilet. To make things a little bit easier, you can raise the height of the toilet to allow elders to use less effort when standing up. There are also other useful features like assisted flushing which makes the handle easier to push for seniors. Many options and features are available so be sure to check them out.

  1. Control temperature settings

Sure, you enjoy a hot shower during the cold winter but you may need to consider modifying the temperature when you have elders in your house.  Old skin is very sensitive and can get scalded easily. You should install pressure-balanced or temperature-controlled taps for the baths and shower. This will help prevent scalding to the sensitive skin of older people. You should also consider having lever handles for your plumbing fixtures since seniors may commit errors using turn-based faucets. Lever handles are also easier to use for the elderly.

  1. Consider removing the shower stall threshold

A shower stall threshold is very common in old houses. These thresholds avert excess water from spreading throughout the bathroom floor. Unfortunately, this threshold can become the reason the elderly can trip and fall. You can either lower the height of the threshold if it can pose a tripping problem or just remove it entirely.