Bathroom Rough-In Petersham, Inner West

Hi, it’s Andrew here from DrDrip and we’re at one of our customer’s houses at Petersham in the Inner West. And we’re  just going to show you the first part of the rough in for a new bathroom that they want to install on the top floor of their townhouse.

So as you can see here, we’ve connected into the cold water line. The next photo will show you a little bit of a better option.

And as you can see here, we’ve got two lines that we’re looking at running. We’ve got the hot water line, as you can see with the green lagging on it and we’ve got also the cold water line. And the other line you can see running up the screen that’s copper as well, that’s an old existing gas line that was there before we arrived.

If we just go up and have a look, we’ve chased the wall, the whole way up, obviously until the top level and we ran some new pipes into a section where they want to make their bathroom. There was an existing bathroom there, but they were extending that. So as you can see here, you’ve got also your 4 inch copper stack line running up the wall that’s been painted there. And you’ll see there’s a 4 inch pipe going in which goes into the drainage to the existing bathroom and also a 2 inch or 65mm branch line going of as well.

So this is inside the bathroom and I just wanna point out here the pipes in this section haven’t been chased in because they were actually putting an in-wall cistern, so they’ll gonna bring the framework out approximately 200mm. So we’ll just put the pipes in there as a temporary and we’ll then need to join onto those pipes. You’ll see there’s the cold pipe that goes up quite high that is for the in-wall cistern connecting up at a later date and we’ve also got two pipes on the right hand side, going up to the shower, one for the cold and one for the hot.

They are also installing a basin at the other end of the room, and we’ve done a very thin chase across this wall here. It is only a single skinned brick wall but they’ve also battening off so we don’t need it to be chased into the wall too far.

After we’ve finished with our pipework, as you can see we’ve we’ve sparged our pipework in, they will be putting their buttons and their fibro to finish the job.

So you can see there we’ve installed the drainage as well the 4 inch PVC, so what we had here for the customer, just to get the first part of the job done…we’ve re-ran our cold water line and hot water line from downstairs. You might have seen on one of the photos there’s a storage hot water tank there at present, they’re going to be putting in an instanteneous Rinnai in that position. But we’ve ran the pipeworks up the wall, into the existing bathroom, they’re gonna have concealed toilet system as we mentioned.

you can see the 4-inch pipe for the toilet, and the floor is being raised and they’re battening out the wall.

So that’s it for us for this job at Petersham in the Inner West, and it was just a general rough-in stay of one of our clients just an early stages of the job.