How to Keep Your Bathroom Kiddie Friendly

Our daily routines usually include spending time in the bathroom. It cannot be denied that after using the shower and bath in the bathroom it will get wet and slippery, most of time. Sadly, kids are prone to bathroom hazards hence bathroom safety needs special attention.

We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your bathroom kids-friendly.

Child Supervision. Your kid needs supervision inside the bathroom. A child can drown any moment in just a few inches of water. That’s why you need to double in supervising them, most especially during bath time because we do not know what will happen. Having bath seats and rings is helpful preventing drowning scenarios. Also do not keep the water flowing when it is not in use, and keep the bath essentials that you will need within arm’s reach so that your baby will always be near you and your peripheral vision.

Slips and Falls. Child supervision and safelty is important during times spent in the bathroom as incidents are very unpredictable. Therefore, having non-slip mats at the bottom of your bathtub or shower prevent incidences like slipping in your bathroom. You may also put a cushion cover near your water faucet so that they won’t harm their heads bumping into it. Place a lid lock on your toilet lid and make it a habit to close it after use because kids are always curious and they might slip or fall if they will play inside the bathroom during bath time.

Keep track of water temperature. Baby skins are known to be thin and sensitive, prone to immediate burns. To prevent scalds from happening, adjust the water temperature in your faucet to at least 48.9 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Before using the water, test the water’s temperature.

Keep your medicine and toiletries away from your children. Kids are again curious, what strikes and catch their attention will be their subject. Whether they will try it on, put it in their mouth (the most common thing they will do), both not safe for them. Store your medicine and toiletries away or out of your child’s reach.

Therefore, be keen and vigilant to whatever is happening in your bathroom. As much as possible, accompany your children when they use the room and its facilities. Remember, the bathroom might be a friendly haven but it also entails a lot of danger in ourselves.