Blocked Drains Toilet

stew-jetter-xsmallBlocked toilets and drains can be an unpleasant experience and generally happen at the most inconvenient times.

Are you suffereing from a blocked drain or blocked sewer?

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Call us right away if you have an emergency on 1800 552 758 or if it can wait from business hours you can fill out the contact form and you will receive $50 off your blocked drain job.

Our drain services include the following:

  • High pressure water jetting and blasting
  • Electric Eel drain and sewer clearing
  • CCTV diagnostic camera and video inspection reports

There are many reasons why a toilet will block;

  1. The blockage could also be caused by a toilet paper blocking the sewer.
  2. It may be an indicator of a bigger problem such a sewer blockage; this could mean using the plunger, Water Jetter or electric eel to clear out the sewer line.
  3. It may also be caused by an obstruction in the toilet line such as kids toys or a toilet freshener that may have fallen into the toilet and jammed in the pipe.


How to tell if your toilet is blocked?

You can tell if you have a blockage in your toilet when the water level is slow to get away when you flush the toilet and the water level rises up to the top of the toilet bowl.

If this does happen, don’t flush the toilet again, wait a minute and see if the water gets away. If it is slow there are a few things you can do that might clear the blockage. If these do it yourself methods don’t work then it is best to call a professional who is equipt with the right equipment toclear the toilet blockage.

Steps for clearing a blockage

  1. If the water level in the toilet is high, turn off the stop tap, this tap should be at the base of the toilet.
  2. Ask the others in the house in case an object has fallen into the toilet, have a look in the bowl and see if you can see anything
  3. Try plunging the toilet if you feel confident and see if the water level goes down.
  4. Call our drainage specialist on 1300 552 758 and we will come out and asses the best solution for you.

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