Blocked drains and water jetters

drain-jetterA water jetter is a revolutionary high pressure drain cleaning machine that is being used by scores of professional plumbers all over the country. It spurts water at a high speed and volume into blocked sewer pipes, cutting through any obstructions in its way. It is ideal for clearing the most stubborn of blockages, including the dreaded invasion of tree roots.

Many plumbers are choosing water jetters in place of the old-fashioned electric eel to unblock drains nowadays. Electric eels are quite abrasive, especially if used around the same area of pipe for too long which can result in the pipe being cracked or even punctured by the device. Furthermore, the water jetter clears a blockage in a pipe much faster than with an electric eel. In fact, a blocked pipe can be cleared with a water jetter in just an hour or less, whereas a severely blocked drain can take up to a day to unblock with an electric eel. It also cleans pipes far more thoroughly than an electric eel can – up to an impressive 30 per cent more, in fact. This is partly due to the water jetter being able to access areas of the affected pipe that simply cannot be reached with the use of an electric eel.

Water jetters are very effective in clearing pipes of tree roots, residue, debris, fats and anything else that has accumulated within the wall of the sewer pipe over time. Waters can shoot strong blasts of water reaching as far as 140 metres in distance and usually only one access point to the pipe is needed by the plumber. Before using a water jetter, the plumber will typically inspect the inside of the sewer pipe via a CCTV sewer camera in the interest of detecting exactly where the blockage is located and how severe it is. Once the location of the blockage is known, the plumber can remove it swiftly with the high pressure water jetter, thereby minimising costs relating to time and labour for the homeowner.

Water jetters can be used on all types of drain cleaning jobs, including large sewer pipe cleaning jobs. Water jetters can carry up to a whopping 1500 gallons of water when fixed to a truck. For smaller jobs, the water jetter is typically secured on a trolley of sorts. Water jetting removes the need for equipment such as plungers when clearing toilets, sinks etc. A small whippet hose can be attached to the water jetter’s hose to enable the cleaning of pipes that are narrow in diameter that are commonly found in toilets and sinks around the home, as well as baths.

Water jetting is a safe, clean and fast procedure that can clear even the most troublesome blockages without the need for digging or to use an electricity source, which also renders water jetting a water efficient process. It’s no wonder that more and more plumbers are choosing to use water jetters over less efficient, traditional methods of drain clearing.