4 Effective Tools and Cleaning agents for clearing your Drains

There are dozens of tips as well as recommended equipment and supplies that you can find online and in magazines on how to effectively clear out your drains. Some of this equipment is compelling while others aren’t that adequate. Here’s a list of the most effective tools and cleaning agents that you can effectively use for your drain clearing or cleaning as well.

  1. The Plunger

It’s not a surprise to have a plunger in this list; it’s a simple yet a very effective tool when taking out those obstructions. This is easy-to-use and you won’t need any intricate plumbing experience to actually make this effective equipment for clearing out drains. You do need to be careful when using a plunger if you have been using a lot of caustic chemicals in cleaning your drains. The chemicals might surge out of the drains and come to contact to your skin while you vigorously plunge so be careful. It’s important that you will use the right type of plunger for whatever sink you’re clearing; plungers for the kitchen have flat rubbers while the ones used for the toilet have bell-shaped rubbers. Using a flat plunger on a toilet is a waste of time and effort since it won’t generate enough force to take out the clog since the plunger was clearly designed for drains that have flat surfaces.

  1. Plumbing Snake/ Cable Auger

Sometimes the clogs are too far into the drain pipes and stuck that the plunger won’t be enough to clear the drains. In these types of situations; a more appropriate tool would be the cable auger or otherwise known as the plumbing snake. This plumbing equipment can go deep into the pipes to remove the clog since it has a long and ductile steel cable. The plumbing snake can be either used for pulling the clog or breaking down into pieces through twisting the hand crank. For the toilet, a similar tool is used which is called the closet auger although it’s more designed to move freely through the rigid curves of a toilet’s drain pipe.

  1. Electric auger

The electric auger is actually at the same with a plumbing snake but the obvious difference between the two is that one is powered by electricity and more automatic. Also, electric augers are far more powerful than a plumbing snake and it’s also very effective in clearing drains. In fact, electric augers can be used to cut down tree roots that have intruded a sewer pipe. You just need to be sure that you’ll be able to safely use this machine and recover the cable from the drain pipes without any issue.

  1. Homemade cleaning agent

Sometimes all you need is a simple but effective cleaning agent to clear out the blockage in your drains. 1 cup of baking soda mixed with a 1 cup of vinegar is one of the most effective homemade solutions for clogged drains. Leave the mixture for around 15 minutes and flush it down with hot water. If you noticed that the smell of vinegar is present; pour some lemon extract to freshen up the smell of your drain.