5 Ways to Manage and Prevent Blocked Drains

One of the most unavoidable and hassle problems that a home can actually encounter is the numerous drainage problem, particularly dreaded is the blocked drain issue. Some professional plumbers say that at least 80%of the homeowners experience this problem. This is particularly because most drains are fairly easy to block, pair that with an uninformed homeowner, you get a drain blockage the size of Texas. Accumulation and build-up is particularly large in residences that have little or no regards to drainage maintenance. As hard to believe it is, there are homeowners that actually don’t pay attention nor actually do maintenance procedures to take care of their plumbing systems.

To give additional needed information, the most common causes of drain build-ups actually in the daily mundane tasks that you do at home such as flushing down random garbage, fatty and oily substances, hair strands, grease, just-add-water products among other things into the drain.

Here are practices you should consider integrating into your weekly cleaning or daily tasks to maintain or salvage your drainage from damage:

  1. Flushing down water after every use.

Before going to bed at night, make it a habit to run the tap for at least 3 minutes so that any particles left stranded along the length of your drain pipe connected to the sink is flushed thoroughly into the sewer of drainage system. Using this will help you get rid of all possible causes of build-up and by extension, help you prevent blockage. If you refuse to waste clean water for this process, you can utilise used water instead. Also, it does not need to be at night. You can do this step whenever you have the time as long as you do it often.

  1. Pouring baking soda followed by hot water into the drain.

Baking soda is a great home-cleaning remedy. To utilise this for your plumbing or drainage system, dump at least half of the box into the drain and leave it to react with the blockage and accumulations inside the pipes for a few minutes. During this time down, make sure that no one uses the drain so that the product does not get flushed away. The baking soda helps in cleaning the interior of the drain as well as keeping it odourless. After completing this process makes sure that you flush the drain off of any remnants the product as any leftovers could be the start of another batch of build-ups. Use hot water to get rid of the baking soda completely.

  1. Vinegar + hot water mixture.

Vinegar contains acid that is beneficial to getting rid of any lumps and build-ups inside the pipe. After pouring the substance down the drain, let it sit for 30 minutes then proceed to wash the pipe with hot water to get rid of its pungent smell.

Note: Vinegar and baking soda is also a powerful combination. Pour the baking soda and wash it off with vinegar for an extra clean finish.

  1. Cleaning the stopper frequently.

Make sure that you weed out any obstacles from your stopper as often as you can or as often as needed. You can remove the stopper and proceed to pull out the materials stuck in it. Use kitchen gloves if you find the wastes too gross.

  1. Maintaining the garbage disposal.

There are tons of garbage disposal cleaning tips online that you can use for this process. Make sure that you read the articles thoroughly and research on the method so you do not needlessly damage your unit.