The Awesome and Surprisingly Natural Ways to Unblock Drains

There is nothing happy about a blocked drain. Aside from the fact that it won’t drain, it smells too. Having a septic system requires a lot of prohibition. There is much stuff that should never go under your drain. To prevent a possible blockage, first and for most, avert food bits, hair, and dripping to sink in your drain. Having a sink trap over your drains is helpful in preventing food or hair particles from entering. To avoid the drain smelling regularly, cleaning of the mesh is necessary.

As the famous saying goes, “Nobody’s perfect”, we all tend to be lazy at times or too busy. We missed being particular with the things that go down to our drain and later notice our drains are already blocked. Before a messy drain disaster, take this simple but surprisingly awesome natural drain maintenance.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners has many effects on our septic system. They can rust pipes, poisonous to groundwater, and even damage the equipment which composes our tub or sink. If that is the case, you may be wasting money on changing your bathroom or kitchen sink fixtures because of corrosion from chemical cleaners. The best thing to do is to settle in using non-toxic drain cleaners and other alternatives that are friendly towards cleaning pipes.

#1 Baking Soda with vinegar. First on our list is the ever-popular baking soda. The best thing about baking soda and vinegar, it comes very handy settling in your kitchen. Mix one cup of baking powder and one cup of your white vinegar went along running hot water.  Expect that it will fizz. The guarantee is that this is a proven method for a blocked drain. Bathroom drains may need you to repeat the method until done.

#2 Baking soda with lemon juice. The guarantee of this combination is the smell. Though, lemon juice works the same as your vinegar, it extracts nice smell in your kitchen sink. The same method goes, let it run under hot water until it foams.

#3 Salt and Hot water. We all know that hot water is popular in clearing drains. Together with salt (any kind of salt) it can clear out most fats and greases that block in your pipes. Grease or soap blockages help in narrowing your pipes so the best natural solution is your salt and hot water. Salt is a natural scorer, which can eliminate grease.  Dispense a half cup salt on your drain followed with hot water. Repeat the method until the greasy build up will be removed.

It’s high time for you to try these natural ways to clean your drains. It is important to think that using natural ways of clearing drains needs to be a routine before the blockage happens. Remember as well that natural drain cleaners take longer to clean than chemical cleaners. It may need your extra effort but just think of the bright side. Cleaning can be a wonderful recreation.