Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Similar to other household amenities, our garbage disposal should always be maintained in order for the unit to serve and operate properly. Also, with a regular maintenance, this helps lengthen the service lifespan of the garbage disposal unit. With that being said, this article will aid you in maintaining your unit by following easy and inexpensive methods. Following these will surely keep away from unit problems that may require to replace the entire unit. Here are the following do’s and don’ts for your garbage disposal unit:

Cut large food into tiny pieces

There are instances that our leftovers are too large to fit in in the unit. Obviously, what you need to do is to chop them into smaller sizes before putting them into your garbage disposal.  This is one should be done all the time for the large items might jam the unit, impeding its operation. Furthermore, remember that every time you use the unit, you’ll have to put the leftover down the disposal. Every time you do this, ensure that you place all the leftover what at a time and not shoving them all at once. This kind of practice will only invite clog issues that can be unhygienic.

Clean the disposal unit regularly

Cleaning your garbage disposal unit isn’t that hard as you thought it would be.  Also, you won’t need chemical cleaners to do the job. Here are some easy inexpensive ways to clean the unit:

  • The first method is by putting ice cubes in the unit. Most homeowners believe that purpose of the cubes is to sharpen the blades. On the other hand, this is just a misconception. Ice cubes are used to prevent food particles in accumulating and sticking in the blades of the shredder that will impede it from grinding leftovers properly. Moreover, if you want improvised ice cubes, you make special cubes with the use of lemon juice and vinegar. Aside from taking out the particles, these special cubes could also clean the components of the unit.
  • Aside from special ice cubes, you can also utilise a paper towel when you want to clean the rubber part of unit that is located at the centre of the sink. This should be regularly done because failure to do so, the unit will produce a disturbing smell in your kitchen.

Don’t fibrous and starchy materials

Constant flushing of these kind of materials will only cause problems not just in the unit but also in your drain. Fibrous materials tangle inside when they reach the unit and for starchy materials, they thicken within ones they make contact with water. With that being said, it’s very important to keep these materials away from the unit since it will only obstruct the passage of the water and leftovers once they are already shredded. On the other hand, you must know there are specific food in which you slice first before putting them in the disposal unit. food such as banana peelings, artichokes, potato peelings, onion skin, and coffee grounds.