Blocked Kitchen Sink in Drummoyne

Hi it’s Andrew here from DrDrip, and I wanna talk to you guys about today is a Blocked Kitchen sink.

Now we have a client of ours from Drummoyne in the Inner west of Sydney. And then they are having problems with there kitchen sink.

And now as you can see a photo here is outside and you can see the old exsiting pipe work and all the tree roots and so forth around the pipes, but what I want to do is start talking about the inside, the customer gave us a call and mention that there kitcken sink was gurgling and running very slow.

So we realize that there’s obviously and issue there and we knew that normaly there’s problem with food traps and etc. in the waste pipe directly below the sink and a cover below.

So we looked and remove that and have a lood and everything running fine from there. So we that theres a blockage on stream after apart of the investigation were we realize thaty there’s a problem with blockage of tree roots from the down stream. And we runn outside remove some paving and we escavated down all the old pipes as you can see there.