6 Everyday Objects That Commonly Block Toilets

toiletVirtually all items with the exception of human wastes and toilet paper must not be flushed in the toilet due to the increased risk of blocking. Many objects have the potential to obstruct the toilet but there are a select few that are common culprits of blockage. Here’s a list of everyday objects that usually cause blocked toilets in many households.

  1. Toilet Paper

You may be wondering why toilet paper is added in this list. After all, toilet paper is one of the two objects that can be flushed without causing a lot of blocking problems. The thing is that many people often abuse flushing this hygiene item. Draining down a large quantity of toilet paper without any intervals will most likely cause a blockage. Don’t dump a lot of toilet paper in one go since the toilet can only process a few of these items at a time.

  1. Wipes and paper towels

First off, paper towels are far more difficult for the toilet to flush than toilet paper since it’s far thicker. The bulkiness of paper towel causes it to get stuck in the toilet pipes and become a major obstruction. A lot of wipes are being advertised as “flushable”; which people often interpret as okay to flush. An item that can be flushed into the toilet doesn’t mean it’s not capable of causing any blockages. Flushing hygiene products like wipes can stick on the pipe lining and will continue to accumulate until water and wastes won’t be able to pass through the pipes anymore.

  1. Hair

While hair is a more common cause of blockage in shower drains, some people often flush collected hair into the toilet. This kind of habit will definitely cause a block in the pipe lining. Dispose the hair properly in the garbage to avoid blockage problems. If you have trouble collecting hair in the bathroom install a hair catcher on your drain. Just don’t forget to clean the hair catcher once in a while since it can accumulate residue.

  1. Female hygiene items

You may have noticed a few public restrooms that put signs about not flushing female hygiene products. As what you might have guessed draining hygiene items will cause blockages in the toilet. Tampons and sanitary napkins don’t decompose and will most likely sit in the pipe lining and can add to blockage.

  1. Diapers

It may seem odd that people have the habit of flushing diapers but it’s actually quite a common occurrence. The reason why people do this is to get rid of the smell which is understandable. The problem is that diapers are too large for the toilet to flush each time. If you don’t want the diaper odour to linger in your house use an odour-eliminating garbage bin.

  1. Toys

Many children find flushing toys a hilarious jest or just fascinating. Unfortunately, this type of playtime activity can block the toilet. Ask your kid nicely to stop flushing their toys if it’s their habit or just supervise them during their playtime.