Unblocking a Toilet pan

If the water in your toilet rises when you flush and drains away slowly, it means you have a blockage.  Toilet blockages are quite common, and usually they can be plunged away quite easily, especially if it’s just a paper blockage.  If plunging doesn’t work, the issue may be greater, and you should think about calling in a Plumber to have a look.  Other causes of more serious blockages are tree roots, collapsed sewer lines, and objects like toilet fresheners or even children’s toys can block up the pipe.

If plunging doesn’t clear the line, you can call in a Plumber to use a High Pressure Water Jetter.  A Jetter is similar to an Electric Eel in that it is run down the pipes to clear the drain of any tree roots or blockages.  However, a Jetter uses water to clear out the blockages.  It will clear through tree roots more efficiently, is gentler on the internals of your pipes, and results in less mess while the Plumber is working!  If the pipe is still blocked after this, there may be a more serious issue.

With the aid of a sewer camera, the Plumber is able to visually inspect the line.  He will be able to locate the point where the tree roots are worst, or where the blockage is.  The sewer camera is also incredibly useful to pinpoint any damage in the line, and see if the pipe has cracked or collapsed.  If the pipe is damaged, the Jetter won’t be of much use as the blockage will constantly recur until the damaged section is replaced.  If your pipe is damaged, the plumber can provide you with a quote to repair the problem.