Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be very frustrating to the average Sydney homeowner, and while many blocked drains can be easily repaired with a plunger or an over the counter drain cleaner, there are other blockages that require the assistance of a professional plumbing company. There are ways to detect a potential blocked drain before any major issues occur, and there are also various telltale signs that will let you know it’s time to call in a professional.

Early Warning Signs

One sign that may point to a blocked drain is a gurgling sound that happens after flushing the toilet. The noise is caused by trapped air that is pushing up through the water trap, and this is due to a blockage somewhere in the piping. Another sign may be that the water level in your toilet seems to be a bit higher than usual, and when the water does drain down, the toilet may appear completely empty of water. This may indicate a blockage that is occurring deep down in your plumbing system. Other telltale signs include a pool of water in the tub or shower stall when taking a shower and this type of blockage usually starts when there is excess hair or soap scum in the drain. If you are experiencing any of these early warning signs, there is a good chance that a deeper blockage is forming, and it is a good idea to contact a Sydney plumber for assistance.

Causes of Blocked Drains

There are many different causes for blocked drains. A blockage in a kitchen sink drain may be caused by cooking greases that contain fat, as well as various food items that do not break up properly in the garbage disposal. Greases and fats can coat the pipes of the drainage system, and over time, the coating can become so thick that water cannot get through.

Tree roots are one of the more common causes of blocked drains, and this occurs when the root of a tree is naturally drawn to a nearby source of water. The tree root can enter the outdoor pipe through a crack, and cause a serious blockage, and this usually requires the assistance of a professional plumber due to the fact that the pipe will most likely need to be replaced.

Hair can build up rather quickly in shower drains, and excess hair can cause the shower or tub to back up and not drain properly. There are various over the counter drain cleaners as well as hair traps that can help keep the blockages at bay, but if you notice that every time you take a shower you are standing in a few inches of water or more, it is a good time to call in a professional.

Assistance with Blocked Drains in Sydney

Blocked drains can cause serious damage if they are not attended to as soon as possible. If you are a homeowner and your drains are showing signs of possible blockage, calling in a Sydney plumber to assess the situation is always a good idea. Plumbers have special tools and chemicals that allow them to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage and remove it in a safe and efficient fashion. Once your Sydney plumber has correctly diagnosed the issue and removed the blockage, your plumbing should be back to normal in no time at all.