Common Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating a Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is an interesting job especially when it comes to home improvement. Sometimes being too excited you can end up forgetting about your plumbing system and focus only on the design, layout and most of all shopping for new appliances. When renovating a kitchen, plumbing is the most important part. Once it fails, your renovation will likely to fail. The good news is when you carefully plan for your renovation especially your plumbing system, everything is possible to achieve.

Below, are common plumbing mistakes you need to avoid when planning for your kitchen renovation.

  1. Discarding the floor details

   Everyone loves to have a prescribed floor detail in their kitchen. You should install it first before putting up your cabinets and other kitchen countertops. This is one of the common details that most of us forget when renovating our kitchen. Often, tiles are installed in most kitchens so, in order to avoid from having a trouble getting out of it, you should install it first.

  1. Choosing kitchen cabinet first before the kitchen sink

   The sink is considered to be the centerpiece of your kitchen area. When you plan to renovate, this is the first thing you must not forget. Often, this is the most common plumbing mistake to everyone. Your sink should be the very first item you have to select before installing your cabinets. This is the countertop of your kitchen area. When you install it first, it’s a lot difficult to handle when it comes to hooking up a new sink since it could end up that the piping is too high coming out of the wall.

  1. Incompatible Pipes

   Incompatible pipes can lead to corrosion which is very dangerous and can damage your renovation. When you renovate, you need to make sure that your pipes are matched. If they don’t match, it won’t fit. You have to obtain the right fittings to make the system functional and your money will not be wasted.

  1. Forgetting the vent

   When installing your kitchen sink, you should not forget the vent. You also need to secure the right one for your drain. This is one of the common plumbing mistakes you need to avoid. Your kitchen renovation for sure will have a complete reno when your plumbing line is in good condition. Forgetting the vent in your drain will expose your kitchen to everything from pests.

  1. Trying to handle it alone

   After all, if you are not highly experienced in plumbing and trying to manage your kitchen renovation alone, it will not guarantee that your renovation project will be successful. You have to push back especially if you are not sure about what you are doing. It’s really important to ask help from a professional to ensure that from top to bottom, everything is in place.

         Always have in mind to put up first what is necessary to be done. Beforehand, it’s always helpful to jot down every detail you need for your renovation in order to avoid any of these mistakes.