Why You Should Consider Installing a Water Softener

water-softenerHard water contains a lot of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and many more. Certain areas in Australia have water sources that supply hard water. Some of you may be wondering why it should be your concern if water is hard or not. While it may seem good to hear that your water contains minerals, it can actually have negative effects on your plumbing, glassware, and even your skin and hair.

A device called the water softener can lower the minerals found in your water. There are plenty of advantages in installing this filtering system. Read more of this blog to know more on why you should consider setting up a water softener for your water supply.

  1. Less plumbing maintenance and issues for you

Have you ever noticed certain plumbing problems in your household? Something like a blocked faucet or a noisy water heater? Well, one of the possible culprits for those types of complications is hard water. You may be wondering how this happens so we’re going to have little discussion about that. The minerals from hard water can solidify and cause blockages on the aerators of a faucet.

When it comes with the water heater, the minerals can turn into sediments and start building up at the bottom of the tank. During the heating process, the heated sediment reacts and bounces — causing an annoying noise in the tank. The sediments don’t just become a minor inconvenience; it can also cause serious problems to your water heater. Continuous heating of the sediments can cause cracks at the bottom of the tank — which will produce leaks.

As what you can observe, hard water does pose as a serious threat to your plumbing system. With the help of the water softener, you can lessen the mineral build-up in your plumbing fixtures. Of course, having a water softener installed doesn’t mean you can just ignore the necessary upkeep for your appliances. Maintenance is still important and having a water softener will lessen the work on your part since there is less problems with the fixtures.

Plumbing appliances last longer

Certain plumbing equipment can become damaged greatly from continuous exposure or processing of hard water. The lower the mineral content of your water supply the better it is for your fixtures. To some extent, a water softener can aid in prolonging the life of your plumbing appliances.

Soft water improves your skin and hair

Too much mineral content in the water can cause dryness to your skin and hair. There are even cases where some people get irritations after being exposed to too much hard water.  Soft water on the other hand is more beneficial as it doesn’t produce any harsh effects to your body.


Your clothes have better quality

Apart from your plumbing and body, hard water can also have ill effects to your clothes. Fabrics that have been washed with hard water too many times often have lowered quality compared to those laundered with soft water.