Double-Edge Plumbing 101: 4 Hazards brought by Chemical Drain Cleaners

chemical drain cleanersMost homeowners are fond of quick-fixes that help them solve their problem as well as save money. Whether it be in the form of basic tools (e.g. plungers, augers, etc.) or drain cleaning substances.

Presently, homeowners are typically attuned to including chemical cleaners in their domestic shopping. These products have been a staple in their drain cleaning activities. After all, you simply have to pour them down your drains and it will start disintegrating the blockages after a few minutes.

However, did you know that chemical drain cleaners are notorious for their hazardous side effects? They are not completely helpful but rather, they’re double-edge plumbing supplies. Read on to find out the hazards involved if you use these products always.

Caustic Effects on Your Pipe Linings

The secret on how chemical cleaners effectively clear out minor blockages lies on their exceedingly harsh chemical composition. Most of these products have a staple compound called hydrochloric acid that is corrosive to the linings of your drain pipes. It can also affect the steel part openings and enamel coatings of your drain openings.

Aside from being caustic, chemical cleaners also have their limits. These substances cannot unblock solid blockages and debris. They will just remain suspended and may even present risks once you vigorously plunge your drains.

Harms Your Septic System

Septic systems installed in your homes will be negatively affected if you use chemical drain cleaning products. Septic tanks are inhabited by friendly bacteria in-charge of decomposing the sewage wastes stored into them. Naturally, the harsh chemicals from the drain cleaners will kill these microorganisms, causing your septic system to be less efficient in processing wastes. Besides, the chemicals will also be abrasive towards the outlets of your septic system.

Endangers your Health and Safety 

Chemical drain cleaning products have a harsh composition that may jeopardise your health and safety. If you are continually exposed to these substances, you may have health complications due to the fumes that are elicited. These fumes may trigger skin, eye, throat and lung irritations. Allergic reactions may also occur. There are some people who may be unaffected due to its chronic effects while others who are very sensitive may experience serious side effects. More importantly, respiratory damage may occur if there is a consistent exposure to these substances.

Environmental Concerns

These chemical residues from the drain cleaning products are discharged in landfills. They will produce gas emissions that will surely harm the environment. Moreover, the chemicals may also leach into the soil if there is a broken pipeline. Worse, these may enter the pipes carrying your water supply as well as your neighbouring water connections.

Chemical cleaners truly present a plethora of risks. The safest DIY solutions in unblocking your drains include the plungers and homemade cleaning mixtures (e.g. baking soda and vinegar). Why settle for something that strings along a lot of potential dangers when you can have these safer alternatives, right?