4 Effortless Steps in Fixing a Leaky Tap

leaky tap

When you hear people making a fuzz on a leaked out new song by your favourite artist or a leaked movie that’s still about to be released the following week, it sure excites you, right? But what if you get to hear a sound of dripping water leaking out of a tap from your kitchen, will that give you the same excitement, as well? “Of course not!” that would be the obvious universal answer to that question. Having a leaky tap is one of the most annoying things that a homeowner will have to encounter in his/ her lifetime. It does not only disturb your peaceful home with the dripping sound it makes but it also adds up to your water bill, if not immediately given attention to. It sure is a real nuisance but do you know that among all plumbing problems, a leaky tap is one of the easiest to solve? Now, that’s a relief. Fixing a leaky tap is just like magic. You don’t need to be a plumber and have special skills in order to do it, all you need to have is a screwdriver and a wrench and you’re ready to perform the magic, simple as that!

Here are four tricks you need know in fixing a leaky tap:

    1. Turn off the water supply

    Before anything else you must turn the water supply off at the stopcock or isolation valve. Mostly, a house will have two stopcocks, one inside and the other one outside. When fixing a leaky tap, it is fine to just turn off the inside stopcock. An inside stopcock is usually located right under your kitchen sink but this is not always the case, it could be elsewhere, under a cupboard maybe or hidden in another room. After which, you open the tap to let the pipe drain.

    2. Remove the tap handle

    You remove the handle from the main body, you’ll be needing a wrench in doing this. Unscrew the large nut formed around the barrel of the tap handle. In removing the handle out, you will notice that a washer is attached at the bottom which is usually hold in place by a small nut or flange. Just a tip, it would be best to keep all the separate parts in the order which they were disassembled so that you can easily put them back together later. To be certain, you can even take a photo of it so you won’t be interchanging any of the parts.

    3. Replace the tap washer

    In most cases, a leaky tap is usually caused by a faulty washer. Remove the old washer but be careful in removing it as it may break into pieces depending on how damaged it is. Replace the washer with a new one that is of the same size and shape as the one being replaced.

    4. Place back the tap handle

    After pressing the new washer, you can now refit the handle back to the main body of the tap. In putting your tap back together, you must tighten it all up. Now, you can turn the water supply back on but before doing that, you must not forget to turn your tap to the off position.

    And now you’re done! Pretty simple, right? Bet you didn’t even sweat doing it. Now, you can peacefully work in your kitchen without having to worry about a leaky tap and the annoying sound it makes.