How To Avoid Bathroom Plumbing Problems

The bathroom is used every day for hygiene routine and other vanity purposes. This area needs to be properly maintained otherwise problems will sprout and make using the bathroom a major inconvenience. We will provide tips on how to do proper bathroom maintenance below to help you!

Place a hair catcher or stopper on the drains


One of the main causes of drains obstructions in the bathroom is due to build-up of hair. Sure, a few strands can be insignificant and easily ignored, but loose hair can accumulate and cause blockages. It’s not just the drain floors that can be blocked by hair, but also the sink drains.

The best and most practical method to avoid hair blockages is by installing a hair catcher or stoppers. Hair catchers prevent the hair from entering the drains, which is very handy. Keep in mind that you still need to collect the hair and dispose of it properly. Don’t forget to clean the hair catcher or stopper since it can accumulate scum and dirt.

Have your toilet inspected every 6 months

toilet-inspection1If you’re not familiar with toilet parts and how these components function then your safest option is to get a qualified plumber. They will be able to conduct an inspection on your toilet for leaks.  The plumbers will also investigate if the parts are in good condition or not. It’s highly recommended to have toilet check-ups twice a year — especially if the unit is a bit old. After all, aging toilets are much prone to malfunctions or damage.

Only flush human wastes and toilet paper

toilet-flushSome of us may have the habit of flushing random stuff down the toilet drain thinking that the toilet is an express rubbish bin of the bathroom. However, the only things you should be flushing are human waste and toilet paper. Also, you need to be careful with the amount of toilet paper you’re draining. Toilet paper can still contribute to blocking if you drain down a large number of it.

Avert from using chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaning products are very popular nowadays. Many people use these cleaners for maintaining their bathroom and drain. Apart from being too corrosive for your pipes chemical products are also dangerous for your health. You may have already noticed itchy eyes and skin or even burning lungs when exposed to the chemical products.

Maintaining the bathroom doesn’t strictly require the use of chemical cleaners — you can use safer alternatives. Apply homemade solutions like baking soda and white vinegar mixtures as a form of upkeep. Furthermore, chemical cleaners aren’t very effective when used against large obstructions since it will just add to the blockage. The best solution for major blockages, which has been proven and tested, is to use tools like augers and plungers.

Dehumidify your bathroom


Moulds and mildew aren’t strictly plumbing problems. However, these fungi are a real nuisance and can even become a threat to your health. This is why mould and mildew problems must be addressed. Keeping the moisture low is the solution to prevent moulds and mildew from growing.

So how can you dehumidify your bathroom? One method is installing an exhaust fan to serve as ventilation. If you’re unable to procure an exhaust fan then you can use an affordable dehumidifier. You should also dry the bathroom by opening its doors and windows.