What To Do? My Basement is Flooding!

Have you ever encountered a flooded basement? What was your initial reaction and what did you do?

A basement flood can move even a philosophical person to panic. Every homeowner would feel helpless if they are facing this nightmare. Can you just imagine your personal items, appliances and other fixtures soaked in water? That is why it would  never be easy being stuck in this kind of situation whether it was caused by a burst pipe or mother nature’s wrath. Both can be very catastrophic, and with this, I am going to help by giving ideas and a  to-do list to help you when you’re stuck in an awful situation.

Don’t panic and take action by following these basic tips you need to do during basement floods.

  1. Do Not Step On the Water. Be vigilant and avoid getting electrocuted. It would be a vacuous idea to step in a flooded area. First and foremost your things can just be replaced, your life on the other hand isn’t. Your first and utmost priority here is your safety, as well as the other members of your family.
  2. Turn Off the Failed Plumbing System or Stop the Water Flow. If the flood is caused by a burst pipe, turn off your water mains immediately. If ever you are renting, make sure you know where the mains is. It is an advantage if you know beforehand where this shut-off valve is located. If you wait for a plumber to locate where your water mains is you would be wasting crucial time.
  3. Take Photographs of the Area. After turning off the mains, don’t forget to take photos for insurance purposes. It does not mean that you should take pictures so that you have something to post on social media. Rather, use these photos for your insurance so you can claim your benefits if ever you’re insured and for documentation purposes as well.
  4. Give Your Plumber a Call then Have Your Area Cleaned. This is the best option and the wisest idea you are going to do when facing this tragedy. It does not mean that hiring a pro during times like this makes you incompetent. It is better to ask for a hand from the professionals since they know what to do. Once the plumber has solved the problem, you can now clean the area, as quickly as possible vacate your valuable items. Save them from the minutes they’ve been soaked in the water. Take the chances to save you appliances and valuable materials to prevent further damage.
  5. Alert Your Insurance Company. Once everything is set, the area is clean and you have taken photos, notify your insurance company as soon as possible. But do not expect them to cover all the damages. We all know that insurance companies has limitations on what to offer to their clients.

Now that you have a to-do list during sudden basement floods, do not forget to keep this and follow it wholeheartedly. Print it out, memorise it or save this, as these steps can be very useful.