5 Essential Water Heater Safety Tips

How far are you willing reach for the sake of your loved ones’ safety? How much would you gamble for their sake? You see, you have formulated a lot of ideas and answers because of this question. However, would it be the same for the things that you have overlooked and haven’t given a fair amount of care?

There are things that need to be cared for. Just like our water heaters, we need to be keen in taking care of them since they are very essential to us. Some of us have neglected its worth, it is fine as long as we can benefit from the services it has given us. Then, the time comes it has given up already, you panic and get upset because you did not expected that. Everyone and everything has their own turning point and home appliances are not an excuse for this.

Therefore, prolong their life and value to your household by following these 5 important safety tips for your water heater.

  1. DO NOT INSTALL IT YOURSELF. Most of us wanted to try DIY or simply want to do things ourselves since it is cheaper. Yet, installing a water heater on your own is not our recommendation, and you will never find someone posting how to do it. All of the questions formulated, it will all fall to the answer of safety purposes. It is always a wise idea to hire a qualified electrician to do the job for you. Improper installation of water heater can cause deadly circumstances to you. There might be improper connections and installations to the wiring. Before calling your electrician, first call your local plumber for advice on where the water heater will be located.
  1. KEEP IT HIGH. For a safer option and I know it will be the same to what your electrician will advise, this is to keep your water heater high. It is best to position it on the wall higher than the tallest person in your house. If it is located close to a head of a person, it will could easily be hit by water that can then cause a short or ground circuit. Also, it has high chances that the user can hit their head during a shower. If you think it won’t fit, then consider doing a bathroom renovation to provide a good space for your water heater.
  1. READ THE HANDBOOK. Do not skip reading the manual of your water heater unit. This will help you how to understand on how to operate your unit. You should read and understand it well before changing its settings. If you do not have the manual anymore, then call the manufacturer, their number is posted on the heater.
  1. TURN IT OFF WHEN NOT IN USE. This is the precaution everyone must follow. It is really mandatory to turn off the appliances when not in use especially if it involves electricity. Though in other countries they normally pre-set the heaters temperature for it to disperse warm, hot and very hot water. However if you are not using the appliance, kindly turn it off to avoid overheating and explosion. This will save you from fire and huge electrical bill.
  1. REGULAR MAINTENANCE. It is very common and must-do to every homeowner to have their appliances cleaned especially of this kind. A regular check-up is a recommendation so that it prolong the water heater’s life. Again, better be safe than sorry.

May these important tips for water heaters be helpful to you and your household. These are only a simple precaution, however you can benefit from it. Keep posted for more updates about water heaters.