Keep calm on Emergency plumbing situation

Plumbing Emergencies

Emergency plumbing situationWhen you have an emergency, it is important to stay calm, and properly assess the situation. Here are our most common emergency call outs; Blocked sewer – when your toilet has started to back up or you have sewer surcharging, be sure to think about whether anything unusual may have gone down the drain, do you have small children that may have flushed a toy down the toilet? Have you had issues with the drain before? Any information you have is crucial in order for the plumber to locate the blockage as soon as possible.

Burst flexible pipe – if the flexible pipes under your sink have burst, theycan be turned off! If you can get by without using that particular tap til regular hours then you will save yourself an afterhours fee. Where the flexible pipes join to the wall, there will be a small stop tap for hot and cold (given that the taps and flexible pipes were installed as per Australian standards), turn these off and the water will stop.

Water leak (through the ceiling)


If you are in a unit, you need to contact your strata company. Also knock on the door of the unit above you to see if anything has happened that may have caused the leak (if the bath or washing machine may have overflowed). The same applies if you live in a two storey home, inspect the room above the leak for anything obvious. Once you call the plumber be sure to advise him of what steps you have taken to inspect the leak, this information will assist him in his investigations.

Burst hot water system

2014-10-16_1407If your storage hot water system has burst, and is leaking hot water everywhere, you need to isolate the water to the tank. You will see a small stop tap attached to the pipe work towards the bottom of the tank, turn this tap the opposite way and water will be shut off. If you have a gas tank, do the same for the gas supply. Once you have isolated the water the tank will continue to leak until the tank has drained a little, don’t be concerned if it doesn’t stop right away. When you call your plumber, be sure to look at the manufacturer sticker on the side of the tank, this information (such as the manufacturing date) may help him.

DRDRiP Plumbing has over 10 years’ experience dealing with emergency plumbing situations; we are equipped to help with all your after hours emergencies, our trucks are fully stocked with the parts to fix your leaking taps, burst pipes, leaking toilets, and any other plumbing emergencies you need assistance with. Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology in drain clearing, our high pressure water jetters are highly effective in drain clearing, our high quality colour CCTV drain cameras are top of the line and can inspect the inside of your drains to ensure they have been thoroughly cleared, and to investigate further if necessary.