Why Is There a Need to Insulate Your Water Heater?

A water heater without insulation can be very costly. If you are suffering from an increased utility bill at home this may be because your water heater is dependant on how much energy it uses. The more time it spends heating water, the more energy it consumes and therefore resulting in a higher bill. Insulating a water heater can help to avoid you suffering from this kind of burden at home.

You may be thinking WHY? Is there really a need to have it? The justifications are highlighted below.


  1. Reduce energy

While the water heater is heating up to produce hot water, it consumes a lot of energy to always keep the water warm yet, if you insulate it you can save more energy and money in the long run. To insulate it, you can use an insulation blanket, which offers warmth in your water heater so it consumes less energy. When your water heater is insulated, it helps to reduce energy consumption.


  1. Product efficiency

Your water heater is more efficient if it is insulated. Why? Because it prevents from wearing out due to extreme heat. The insulation helps to maintain the temperature of your water heater, reducing the heat loss. Too much temperature and pressure can damage your water heater. There is really a need to insulate your water heater to have layers of protection from heat and at the same time save more energy.


  1. Prevent pipe freezing

Whatever the weather outside, your water heater is affected. During cold days, your water heater is prone to pipe freezing. When your water heater has insulation, you need not to worry because this can offer warmth and prevent it from freezing. Also, if you are living in area where warmth is very limited or your water heater tank is placed in area where there is poor ventilation, insulation is a big help.



  1. Monthly savings

Insulating your water heater can reduce energy, when there is less energy consumption you can save money in the long run.


  1. Increased lifespan

An insulation blanket is a simple layer of protection for your water heater tank yet it can save the life of your device. Often, insulation blankets are inexpensive so do not have second thoughts on purchasing one for your water heater. It helps improve the energy efficiency of your home and preserves the lifespan of your water heater.


Some energy companies offer an insulation kit for water heaters. In this case, they can do the installation for your water heater and insulation blanket at the same time.