Prevent Your Water Heater from Exploding

Do you know that water heaters can turn into an explosive when proper maintenance is ignored? Do you that the damage caused can be very costly to you? Do you know that you are risking too much because you are setting aside the maintenance of the water heater?

Water heaters are also essential to every household just like how essential a sump pump is. Keeping it well maintained should be on your top priority list because a water heater entails a peril in your household if neglected.

To avoid such from happening, here are ways I can give to you to prevent your water heater from exploding.


Preventing Water Heater Explosions

  • Your Water Heater is Under a Lot of Pressure. Water involves a lot of components and one thing that we need to give an eye for is the temperature pressure relief valve. This valve is installed to ensure a safe operation of a water heater. A temperature pressure relief valve, also known as the TP valve has a double safety purpose. First, as what its name implies, it responds to both excessive temperature and the excessive pressure in the water heater. That is why when the temperature gets too hot, the water heater’s thermostat expands. When the thermostat expands, the disk that is installed inside the thermostat will be lifted off to its place to discharge overheated water. Then, cooler water enters the tanks to moderate the water’s temperature. Playing a safe game with your water heater. Since water heater is armed with a temperature pressure relief valve, this also responds to excessive pressure by dispersing the water to prevent any further increase of pressure. If you notice that the TP valve is dripping, it is often a sign of a need of thermal expansion to help prevent the valve from closing too tightly. To know more, when water is heated in a closed system, the TP valve will expand and it will cause an increase of pressure. If the water is heated in an open system, the pressure will return to normal, and with this, the dripping of the relief valve should stop. To keep this from happening, it is recommended for you to have a water expansion tank, or also called the thermal expansion tank. This equipment will help regulate the system so it won’t reach its critical limits.


  • Regular Water Heater Check-ups for Maintenance. A routine maintenance practice for water heaters is very important to prevent it from exploding. To know more about water heater maintenance, you can freely visit our page, or click for more articles in this blog. I have posted recently tips and techniques on how to maintain your water heater. Another option, and definitely the safest of all, is calling a plumber to do the job for you. Cleaning the water heater and the tank is a lot safer if done by a licenced plumber since they are advanced in techniques and they know more about the unit and the job itself. You might be wondering why it is needed. Over the time, our water heater can catch different factors that can lead it to explode. There are already sediment build-ups in the tank as you keep on using the device, Rust may have formed already and the anode rod needs a replacement. There a lot of factors to consider. That’s why it is really a top priority to have your water heater maintained and checked on a regular basis.


With these two easy ideas, you can now prevent your water heater from exploding and your home will be safe.