Reasons To Hire A Drain Cleaning Service For A Clogged Drain

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Most often, people tend to reach out for certain chemical drain cleaners when trying to deal with clogged drains in their homes. However, the problem with using these chemical cleaning solutions to unclog drains is that they can potentially damage a home’s plumbing system. Extensive damage of the piping system will force a homeowner to carry out major repairs which can be quite costly.


How a clogged drain occurs

A clogged drain does not just appear overnight. It usually results from a combination of various things such as repeated clogs, old piping systems, and repeated use of drain cleaning chemical products. A clog rarely occurs following a one time pouring of some stuff down the sink. This problem, which mostly occurs in kitchens, comes about from a buildup of food substances and grease. If the problem is in the shower or bathroom, it is most often as a result of too much hair and grime being pushed down the drain. The build up of soap scum can also potentially cause clogged drains. If your drain is not properly carrying away the water or puddles appear when using the shower or sink, then that is the early development of a clog.

Reasons to hire a Plumbing Services

    1. Effective service

A drain cleaning company will use eco-friendly methods to effectively unclog your drains. When homeowners try to remove the obstructions from clogged drains by pouring harmful chemicals down the drain, they will end up with another problem in their hands. Since these chemicals are caustic, they can damage the drains and cause harm to the environment. A qualified and licensed drain cleaning service, on the other hand, will use green methods and good equipment to clean your clogged drain, which will not only fix the problem, but also protect the environment and your home.

    1. Complexity of cleaning a clogged drain

Another reason you may want to consider hiring a plumbing service for your clogged drain is that there are times when the drain will need to be disassembled in order to effectively deal with the problem. This task cannot be done without proper skill and knowledge of the drainage system. Trying to fix the problem without the proper expertise can easily worsen the problem, leaving you with no choice but to call for emergency plumbing help. It is therefore convenient and cost effective to call for a plumber to deal with the original problem the first time it occurs.

    1. Eradicating germs

The drain cleaning service will not only free up a clogged drain but also make it squeaky clean. Therefore, any potential hazard such as microorganisms that were present in the dirty drains will be effectively eradicated, making your living environment cleaner.

    1. Extra services

Apart from effectively unclogging your drains, a professional drain cleaning service will also alert you of any problems in your drain piping system. Therefore in case of a leak in your pipes, your plumber will make you aware of it. This way, you will be able to deal with the problem before it escalates and causes major damage to your home.