Taking a Look at 5 Common Tankless Water Heater Myths

Tankless water heaters are not exactly a brand new type of water heater, but there are still plenty of misconceptions about them. When switching to a new type of water heater you need to be well informed about its capabilities and limits.

You also shouldn’t rely on common misconceptions otherwise you would be depriving yourself of noteworthy appliances that can improve your day-to-day living. Read the list below to be aware of common tankless water heater myths as well as the actual facts behind them.

  1. Tankless water heaters aren’t able to produce enough water for an average household

Some homeowners think that since a tankless doesn’t have any storage meaning its hot water supply is limited. A tankless water heater operates differently compared to a traditional storage tank unit. You see tankless water heaters don’t need storage for hot water. Tankless types immediately convert cold water to warm water. The water used in plumbing goes through the heating element so theoretically you can have unlimited hot water supply.

  1. They have expensive operating costs

The installation and retrofitting process of a tankless water heater is indeed expensive, but that doesn’t mean operating expenses are also costly. After all, the purpose of installing a tankless system is to save from operating costs with its energy-saving technology. Tankless water heaters can help you save more in the long run compared to storage water heaters.

Tank types consume a lot of energy which also means higher utility bills for you. Standard heating units heat water 24/7 so there isn’t really energy-efficiency when using this kind of water heater. You do need to financially prepare when switching to a tankless from a standard tank type.

  1. All tankless systems are the same

It’s easy to assume that all types of tankless water heaters don’t have any difference. However, you do need to keep in mind that the quality and energy-saving capacity will depend on the brand. You will easily find reviews of the best tankless water heaters on the net. Alternatively, you can ask your local plumber for advice on the best tankless water heater brands in the market.

  1. It needs a lot of upkeep

If you owned a storage water heater you know that this type of water heater requires a lot of maintenance. For example, switching the anode rods and flushing the tank multiple times a year, there is plenty of upkeep you need to do. Tankless water heaters still need a bit of maintenance but its minor compared to storage types. Just remember that tankless heaters need to be checked once in a while — even if it requires minimal maintenance.

  1. Tankless systems are dangerous due to their volatile temperature

Having a different type of water heater doesn’t mean it’s going to lack some features. Tankless units may be different, but they still have the basic parts of any water heater. You can easily adjust the temperature settings through the use of the thermostat. For your safety, set the thermostat within the range of 48°C to 60°C.