Tree Roots Blocking Drains

blocked-drainsA valuable lesson was learnt when Jurassic Park hit the cinema screens in 1993 that ‘life, will find a way’. Unfortunately, life finding a way can have disastrous effects on modern drain pipes as up to 90% of all blocked drains are caused by tree root intrusion.

A tree’s network of roots below the soil can spread to lengths twice the tree’s height in their search for moisture and nutrients. Common household drainage pipes can be very attractive to tree roots as they tend to create condensation on their exterior. The roots generally find a way into the pipe through small cracks or joining segments of pipe and as they enter they bring a lot of dirt and debris with them.

The arrival and growth of a root system in your drainage pipe can cause all sorts of nasty problems and damage; it’s a home owner’s nightmare. Effects of a blockage are usually first identified inside the house; when water fails to drain from the shower cubicle, toilet or bath tub it is evident that a blockage is present. Sitting water can become stagnant and a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

The DIY approach to attempt to fix the problem commonly involves removing any visible blockage inside the house and whilst removing build ups of hair and soap grime is a good start the true ‘root’ cause will be much harder to address and will require a professional. Dr.Drip’s Plumbers use CCTV drain cameras to locate the problematic areas one by one. Defending these areas with RoofX environmentally friendly cleaning agent takes care of the roots and reinstates unobstructed flow through the pipe.

Damage to the pipes themselves is very common when tree roots invade. Old aged pipes suffer the most and should be replaced with modern PVC alternatives which will last much longer and are far more resistant to roots. A cracked pipe is an open invitation for more roots to intrude.

Identifying the tree to which the perpetrating roots belong is also key to preventing a repeat episode of the problem. Once identified, it may be possible to remove, relocate or replace the tree.

Remember, that if you notice the water draining slower than usual or that the water is simply not draining at all it’s time to call a Plumber. We recommend get this problem solved the right way first time.