Why ask for professional assistance?

Plumber at work

No one wants to deal with a blocked toilet.  It’s messy, disgusting and a nuisance.  That doesn’t mean you can’t try to clear it yourself.  You can always try plunging clear the problem to save yourself from booking in a plumber.  If it isn’t a major blockage it will clear.  If not you might have a bigger problem on your hands.  Sometimes it can be a children’s toy, paper blockage or toilet cleaner wedged in the pipe.  On other occasions the problem could be further down the line with a pipe that’s shifted, or even tree roots getting into the sewer system!

Organising a plumber to come out doesn’t have to be painful though.  Make sure you highlight the issues (what you think might be the problem, whether you’ve attempted to clear it, if you’ve had blockages before and why) so the plumber who attends has all the correct equipment on his truck.  If the blockage is something more serious than a wad of toilet paper, he will let you know how to proceed, what can be done to discover the problem and how to go about fixing it.  This could involve removing the toilet to gain access to the line, running a sewer camera down the pipes to see the issue, or using a water jetter to clear out those pesky and invasive tree roots.

If you want your toilet unclogged, be sure to choose a reliable and professional service.  Don’t always go for the cheapest price as you may not receive the service you deserve.  And don’t leave the problem to the last minute, as this could make the consequences (and the bill) worse in the long run.